Ahimsa Yatra : Panchkula - Chandigarh (1)

Published: 07.04.2006
Updated: 02.07.2011

Panchkula - Chandigrah, 07.04.2006

The Good Administrator has Control over his Senses

H. H. Acharyashree & Ahimsa Yatra entered Panchkula with great zeal of the residents. The two days stay was well received. H.H. Acharyashree said, "The poor and the rich man forget their poverty or richness, when they go to sleep both of them become unconscious. Corruption and snatchings are committed under the influence of Pramad (negligence) sleep. It seems that this truth is not being realised, as a person under the influence of hypnosis feels a flower as a burning coal and visa versa. Materialism has hypnotized humanity. It is necessary that this hypnotic attachment towards materialism should be broken. When people are awakened they will not commit any injustice and will not attack other persons. We can call this awakening non- violence.

During this Ahimsa Yatra Trip, we have heard many stories concerning pain. Ignorance is the first and the foremost reason of sorrows, and the second reason of sorrow is intoxication. Indulgence in intoxication brings poverty, one may lose all property. Awakening of the consciousness of non-violence can solve problems. People try to accumulate as much material things as possible for their own use. This creates violent repercussions in persons who do not have as much. Too much accumulation is not necessary for one person. The social system should develop in such a way that there is not the least chance of violence.

A good administrator should have control over his senses and emotions. For this, every person should undergo the training of non-violence. This will bring awareness in the field of family, society, religion and in the economical field. When non-violent consciousness is awakened, the whole world will become one family."

Panchkula - Chandigrah, 08.04.2006

It is impossible to remove poverty under this Economic System

H. H. Acharya Mahaprajna in his sermon said, “We have three bodies. The first one is the gross body, composed of bones, flesh, blood etc. as everybody knows.

The second body is build of reputation, which works for the good of society. It lasts even after death. We spent 6-8 hours for the gross body to keep it fit and we take care of it. We have little attention for the reputation body, but we should think over it and try to do such deeds that this body gets importance.

The third body is Religion. Religion keeps the gross body fit. The religious body of an angry person becomes thin. The religious body is made out of seven components, forgiveness, politeness, simplicity, humbleness, satisfaction, fearlessness and asceticism.

In excessive anger, a man with eyes may become blind and even can kill his parents and brother. The religious body becomes diseased by anger and strong by healthy religious activities. Like and dislike attitude create disease. Heart attack also takes place when there is excessive anger. A jealous person may get the ulcer.

It is very important in this age that religion should also be understood in the scientific way.

Where there is greed, it begets fear. Due to greed, one person tries to accumulate wealth in millions and keeps it deposited in the bank where it is not utilized for the welfare of society. Wealth belongs to the nation and must be utilized. In this economic system, the poor are getting poorer and poorer, and the rich are getting richer and richer. Due to this, the poverty problem cannot be solved. We requested our President Dr Kalam to engage some economists in improving the economic conditions, we are also thinking in this direction to solve the problems. For permanent pleasures, practicing equality is necessary In Sector 28 in Mahaveer Smoshran addressing the gathering H.H. Acharya Mahaprajna said, “We remember Lord Mahavira as we all want to live in peace. Pains and pleasures change like day and night. If the pain-pleasure become permanent, then there can be peace. That is why Lord Mahavira gave the principle of equality so that man under allcircumstances should have equipoise of mind. Equipoise of mind means that he might not be overjoyed in the moments of pleasure and should not be drowned in the moments of pain and sorrows. We should not see the fruits on the tree, but try to go deep to the root of it, this is the way to have equipoise of mind.

It is in the nature of the world that one cannot have the same shape all the time, as shape changes. We live in this world of changing situations; the pairs of pain-pleasures, life- death, slander-praise, honour-dishonour, profit-loss are there. Sometimes we feel pain, the other time we feel pleasure. The person who knows his soul can be happy, as his viewpoint is fully charged with equality. Those who could develop the power of tolerance, their spring of bliss will flow out.

Consciousness can be changed by the practice of Preksha Meditation. Excessive anger can also be controlled and one can live in peace. Therefore, in this scientific age, we should try to understand religion in scientific terms. By religious practices, one changes his consciousness and controls excessive anger. The celebration of the birthday Of Lord Mahavira is not only for the day, we should develop the virtues in our life. Only then, to celebrate the birthday of Mahavira will be fruitful and man can live in peace. One should bring out the bad habits and develop good ones, this is possible by practice.


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