Ahimsa Yatra : Ptaiyala

Published: 30.03.2006
Updated: 02.07.2011

Patiyala, 30.03.2006

Ahimsa Yatra entered the city in a big procession, passed through the main roads of the city and turned into a spiritual gathering, including the queen Parneet Kaur, Chairman Improvement Trust Sri K. K. Sharma, Mayor Sri Vishnu Sharma, Chairman Finko Bank, re-election committee chairman Sushma Singla, secretary Ashok Agarwal. Queen Parneet Kaur expressed her gratitude for H.H. and the Ahimsa Yatra visiting Patiyala and presented a memento on behalf of Patiyala. All the Terapanth organisations including Mahila Mandal, Kanya Mandal, Jain School welcomed Acharyashree.

His Holiness Acharyashree in his sermon said, “The world is divided in two groups. One is small and the other is big, one is society, the other nation. We the small will not be looked after when violence will increase. The society and the nation should think deeply on this matter. People are divided in two parts when there is lack of compassion and sensitiveness. The big people should pay attention that violence does not increase due to their actions. All basic and fundamental problems should be discussed jointly.

When there is lack of compassion cruelty increases and enhances violence. Punjab is an agriculture province. It can become spiritual in the real sense, when nobody is hungry and nobody is poor. The people in power should feel it their duty to solve the problems of the people. Patiyala, 02.04.2006

H. H. Acharyashree was given a rousing welcome on his arrival at Punjab University, Patiyala. The programme was organised at Kala Bhawan. H.H. said, “If I speak on non-violence, this is unnatural, as non-violence is natural. Violence erupts due to different reasons. When we live together in colonies or in a town, often violence bursts out. We should think over it deeply. Violence and non-violence, both are inside us. Two systems are in a man, one tigers violence and another brings peace. To live peacefully one should learn to control anger.

We are very much concerned over the expansion of corruption, which is very fast and includes all, small and big are worried for it. When the President of India Dr. Abdul Kalam had asked me how to control the expanding field of corruption, I replied that unless and until the economical structure is not rectified, the corruption problem could not be solved. Out of one hundred million people, only thirty millions are having their bread and butter easily, thirty million people are just getting their end and the rest forty million people are living under the poverty line. Where there is pump and show by effluent persons and on the other hand there is poverty, such a society cannot be called a good society. This calls us to rethink the social and economical structure. When the economic system is not perfect, poverty increases. By adopting the spiritual ways of penance, self-control etc, the society can be made healthy. There should be control over individual possessions, unlimitedpossessions and money free to utilize for oneself without regard for others produce violence."

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