Ahimsa Yatra : Panchkula - Chandigarh (2)

Published: 10.04.2006
Updated: 02.07.2011

Chandigarh, 10.04.2006

For permanent pleasure, equipoise of mind is necessary. Speaking to the gathering in Sector 28B, H. H. Acharyashree Mahaprajna said that we remember Lord Mahavira, because we all want peace and permanent pleasure in life. Pains and pleasures change like day and night; only when we meet pains and pleasure with equanimity, the mind remains equipoise in all conditions. Lord Mahavira taught that one should not be too much happy in the moments of pleasure and not fall too much in gloom when any pain occurs. According to Him, i t is the law of the nature that everything changes, and in this universe, nothing remains the same.

In this changing world, pain-pleasure, life-death, fame-insignificance, gain-loss, praise-blame come together. One, who lives, also dies, sometimes there is pain, and sometimes pleasure will come. One who understands the soul never is unhappy. Those who are able to practice equanimity, live in an equipoise state of mind. All of us should try to achieve such consciousness, which is the fountain of bliss from the depth of the heart.

H. H. said that by the practice of Preksha Dhyan one could transform one's physic conditions, attain control over anger, and live his life in peace.

In this age of science, we should understand religion in a scientific way. We should not finish by celebrating Lord Mahavira on a single day, but celebrate the virtues he preaches in our daily life. This is the right approach to live in peace and harmony. For this it is necessary to change our bad habits into good.

Chandigarh, 11.04.2006

Let us adopt the virtues of Lord Mahavira in our life

Speaking to the gathering, assembled at the occasion of Bhagwan Mahavir Janma Kalyanaka (Birthday Celebration), His Holiness Acharya Mahaprajna said that he had heard that Chandigarh was a beautiful city in the past. While entering into the city, he had seen the beauty of the city along with the slums. With the beauty, the ugliness is also there. When we adopt the path of self-restraint, this type of unhealthy conditions would not have taken place.

Lord Mahavira has given an emphasis on self-restraint, which is also having same importance in this age. If a person goes on the path of self-restraint, there cannot be any poverty. The path of self-restraint is very important and necessary for all walks of life, including the religious ones. His Holiness said, whenever we have celebrated the birth of Lord Mahavira, we have glorified his virtues, but we should also understand them and take them into our hearts. Lord Mahavira's birthday should be celebrated in such a way that his virtues may be integrated permanently in our life.

We should work for the solutions of the contemporary world's problems; one of these is to give training in Non-Violence. It is the way to create a non-violent society without fear and none will cheat another. Every person adopting the right path can become like Lord Mahavira. One who is coward cannot become Lord Mahavira. So it is very much needed that the followers of Lord Mahavira give good examples like not adopting corrupt means, not sucking the poor, not violating the rights of others, not intoxicating themselves. This will be the right way of celebrating Mahavir Jayanti.

Those people who are in power, rich and healthy should think deeply. They should practise austerity, morality, honesty and put honest endeavour to remove poverty. This will help to have a healthy society and a healthy nation. This will also reduce violence, because violence increases poverty.

Acharyashree expected that the training programme in non-violence should start in Chandigarh. This will give new directions in the life of people also from other areas.

Acharyashree expressed his great concern regarding abortion, which is the biggest sin. When someone kills a child at the age of 3-4 years, he will be punished, but those who are doing abortion go scot-free. People should think on this deeply.


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