The Mysteries Of Mind: [06.01] The Upward Flow Of Energy (1)

Published: 23.04.2006
Updated: 02.07.2015
  • Having known the connecting link of the ephemeral human body, man should renounce sex-indulgence.
  • Perform kayotsarga with the knees bent upwards and the head bent downwards.
  • The aim of our pilgrimage: ascent of consciousness.
  • Sexual desire and the craving for tasty objects are two basic tendencies.
  • Consciousness remains trapped in the sex centres. This is the centre of ' arta-raudsa-dhyana, meditation and adharma lesya s (evil coloration).
  • The navel is the connecting link.
  • The beginning of the ascent from the heart.
  • When the upward 'journey has begun, natural tendencies will continue to be operative, but being deprived of the strength which energy gives them, they will become calm and will not bear fruit.
  • Steady sitting expends less energy.
  • Tapa is the main propelling force in the journey upwards.
  • Addition/storing of energy.
  • The upward trend of energy.

The soul is a thick flame.

A lady asked, "If it is a flame, what colour is it?"

The soul is a thick flame.

A gentleman asked, "If it is a flame, why can't we see it like a burning lamp?"

If the soul is a flame, it should have a colour and should be visible. But neither has it colour nor is it visible.

A certain man entered into a room. An electric lamp was burning there. Within a few moments the light went off and there was complete darkness. Nothing was visible. Another man who was standing outside the room asked, "Who is there in the room?" The man inside the room replied, "It is me." How did he see him­ self? If the soul is not a lamp, how did he see himself and said, "It is me?" We maybe situated in a completely dark underground cellar but we can see ourselves and assert, "It is me". This self-consciousness can never be extinguished. The soul always keeps its lustre like a burning lamp. The mere assertion "It is me" is sufficient proof of the existence of the soul like a burning lamp within us. A single ray of it is sufficient to enlighten. If we travel towards this lamp and if the energy contained in our body also begins to flow in the same direction, we will one day certainly come face to face with it. We will know it directly whether it has a colour or not and whether it shines like a lamp.

We may never be able to perceive the soul but we are never doubtful about its existence. We do see some of the rays emanat­ing from it, although most of the flame remains invisible to us. We can easily infer from these rays that the soul does exist. This inference will change into an actual experience at the end of our journey. That which appears to be a mere reflection will change into a clear vision. Let us, therefore, begin our journey. Let us begin an upward journey. Let us carry our consciousness, our vital energy and our prana upwards, for these are the means of achieving our ideal.
  • The Mysteries Of Mind © by Acharya Mahaprajna
  • Translated by K.L. Goswami
  • Compiled by Muni Mahendra Kumar
  • Published by Jain Vishva Barati
  • 2nd Edition, 2002

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