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The Mysteries Of Mind: [21.01] Mental Powers And Samayika (1)

Published: 12.07.2006
Updated: 06.08.2008

Six traits of the human personality:

  1. Geographical traits
    • formal characteristics.
  1. Hereditary traits
    • it carries hereditary characteristics from its birth onwards.
  1. Social traits
    • progress and enlightenment.
  1. Physical traits
    • it is the medium of the feelings of contentment and discontent.
  1. Parapsychological traits
    • it drives and controls all the aspects of personality.
  1. Samayika
    • process of the transformation of personality
    • process of emptying
    • process of abandoning the past personality and the acquisition of the new personality.

Human life flows into two mutually opposed directions. When it flows in one direction it becomes replete with energy and when it flows in another it becomes deplete of energy. Both repletion and depletion create difficulties. If too much energy is aroused, it becomes a problem. If energy remains dormant, it also becomes a problem. An aroused energy accompanied by the consciousness of duality becomes a serious problem. It cannot be retained with­out making consciousness free from duality. Otherwise it will be­come destructive. Magicians who call ghosts know that they will demand sacrifice. If the magician fails to offer something to the ghost, it will finish him. If he offers something, the ghost will be­come his servant. The same situation occurs when the practitioner has aroused his energy. It he is able to fulfil the demands of his aroused energy, it will become serviceable to him. On the other hand if he fails to fulfil the demands, he will be consumed in the energy.

So far as the consciousness of duality persists, nothing can be achieved. The practitioner will continue to be tossed between joys and sorrows. He will never be able to break this vicious circle. The awareness that in spite of possessing immense powers, he lacks peace of mind, is prone to excitement and harassed and surrounded by all kinds of problems these will eat into his very vitals. The weak think that they are harassed because they are weak and ac­cept misery as a part and parcel of their lives. But a man who commands power will not think so. He will be sandwiched between the pride of power and wretchedness.

Power is not all in all. We need other things also. Life is a synthesis of and compromise between several elements.

A joyous life needs four factors: knowledge, perception, free­dom from passions and power. A full life can be possible when all these factors manifest themselves simultaneously. When this hap­pens one begins to feel that his life is free from weakness, distur­bance and excitement and that it is not an empty dream. Let us, therefore, devote ourselves to the attainment of all these factors. We should not be devotaries of mere knowledge or mere percep­tion or mere passionlessness or mere power. Passionlessness energises consciousness. Activitation of consciousness increases energy. Increased energy brings about a start, of passionlessness. The full development of personality is the result of a combination of these four factors. A single-sided development is not beneficial. We cannot deny the importance of power, but the development of power without the simultaneous freedom of consciousness from duality is not beneficial. Power creates and encourages duality. Awareness of duality produces tensions. Passions and impulses find a fertile ground in the awareness of duality. All kinds of ex­citements take place in a state of tension. There will be no pas­sions, excitements and cravings when there are no tensions. They appear only when the mind and body are tense. Predilections pro­duce tensions before they become active.

Tensions cause mental disorders and diseases and even men­tal derangement. Mental disorders have invaded the world on an unprecedented scale. Psychic disorders have become an ever-re­curring phenomenon in the modern world.

The psychosomatic method of treating patients has revealed one interesting fact. A large number of physical diseases is caused by psychic factors. The root cause of several bodily diseases lies in the mind of the patient. This is the general trend of medical thinking today.

The number of patients of mental diseases has become so large today that, it seems impossible to cure all of them of their diseases. Psychiatrical cases have multiplied by leaps and bounds. Electric shocks, tranquillizers and sedative drugs are being used in huge quantities to calm the minds of all sorts of lunatics. These methods are helpful in reducing tensions. Two questions crop up in this connection: Are these remedies not harmful to the general health of the patients? Is not electricity going to replace drugs and medicines? Medicines and drugs produce dangerous reactions in the patients and even damage some parts of their bodies. They even create complications in the minds of the patients. The biggest problem is how to stop dangerous, reactions both physical and mental in the patients.

  • The Mysteries Of Mind © by Acharya Mahaprajna
  • Translated by K.L. Goswami
  • Compiled by Muni Mahendra Kumar
  • Published by Jain Vishva Barati
  • 2nd Edition, 2002

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