A Short History Of The Terapanthi Sect Of The Swetamber Jains And Its Tenets: 01.8 Acharya Kalugani

Published: 27.08.2010
Updated: 02.07.2015

The eighth Acharyya of the sect was His Holiness Sree Sree 1008 Sree Sree KALURAMJI SWAMI. He was born on Falgun Sudi 2, Samvat 1933. His father's name was Mul-chandji Kothari. His mother Sati Chhogaji. The mother and son were both initiated at Bidasar on Aswin Sudi 3, Samvat 1944 by Swami Maghrajji, the fifth Acharyya. He succeeded Swami Dolchandji as an Acharyya, on Bhadra Sudi 15, Samvat 1966. His mother was initiated along with him, and she breathed her last at the age of 96. He initiated 155 Sadhus and 225 Sadhwis and was vastly learned in Jain Sastras and was a profound Sanskrit scholar. For his deep toned eloquence and moral persuasiveness, for his calm serenity and prophetic inspirations, for his magnetic personality and pure celibacy, His Holiness had received the greatest admiration and heart-felt devotion not only of his own followers but of all those who came in contact with him. For his sound and correct interpretation of Jain Sastras he had won the unstinted admiration of many philosophers and learned men of this country as well as of Europe. His sweet, clear sonorous and penetrating voice moved and stirred the heart of his audience so much that even the hardest heart melted away like snow and learned to show real compassion towards living beings. His Holi­ness was one of the world's greatest soldiers in the spiritual field, who fought bravely the spiritual war for the emancipation of the soul.

He passed away on first Bhadra sudi 6, Samvat 1933 (= 23-8-36) at Gangapur in the Gwalior State, after an illness of nearly 3 months during which period he showed wonderful capacity for endurance and self-restraint. He had a septic ulcer in his finger, which was operated by an ordinary pen-knife by one of his Sadhus, as Jain Sadhus cannot take the help of a layman for any operation. As no private practitioner could be found to lend his surgical instruments for the operator and as the instruments of a charitable dispensary are not to be used by a Jain Sadhu, His Holiness with exemplary regard for the rules of conduct laid down in Jain Sutras and with the most heroic fortitude had the operation done by an ordinary pen-knife. Upto the time of his passing away he was fully conscious and fully realising that his life was gradually extinguishing. He manfully bore all the pains and never showed any signs of losing strength. Physicians and doctors who were watching him all along simply wondered as to how he was showing serene calmness in that state also. Just 3 days prior to his passing away he nominated as his successor, His Holiness Sree SWAMI TULASIRAMJI MAHARAJ, who is the present Acharyya.

Among the notable personalities who paid visit to His Holiness may be mentioned the names of Dr. Hermann Jacobi of Bonn (Germany), the celebrated Jain Scholar who visited him in 1914; Dr. Charles W. Gilkey of Chicago, who visited him in 1925; the Hon’ble Agent to the Governor - General Rajputana States, who visited him in 1923; Maharana Sir Bhopalsinghji of Ulaipur, who visited him in 1935 and each of them spoke highly about his saintly character and high erudition.


5th Edition, 1946
Sri Jain Swetambar Terapanthi Sabha, Calcutta, India

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