A Short History Of The Terapanthi Sect Of The Swetamber Jains And Its Tenets: 03.5 Short Accounts Of Notable Fastings

Published: 14.09.2010

We have the pleasure now to take our readers through the details of the fastings of Swami Ranajitmalji who was born in Samvat 1918. His native village was pur, Mewar. He was the son of Chouthmalji Baonlia. He was initiated at Sardarshahr on Bhadwa Badi 11, Samvat 1963 and passed away on Bhadwa Sudi 2, Samvat 1989 at Sardarshahr. His father Chouthmalji also took to holy orders in this Sect and was initiated by Acharyya maharaj Pujya Sri Swamiji Maghrajji in 1947 Sambat at Bidasar. Swami Chouthmalji was also an austere Tapaswi. He had fasted for 6 months in Samvat 1954 and for 4 months in Samvat 1956 and left for heaven in Samvat 1956. 

The worthy son of the worthy father Swamiji Ranjitmalji did many fasts would appear from the list given below. From 1974 Samvat onwards, he never took food for two consecutive days. He was very sweet-natured and very eager to serve the Acharyya. His last fast was for 60 days. On Asharh Sudi 2, Samvat 1989 when Pujyaji Maharaj Sri Acharyya Maharaj Swamiji Kaluramji Maharaj reached Sardarshahr Swami Rajitmalji took his food that day and earnestly requested the Acharyya Maharaj to allow him to accept Santhara, or vow of absten­tion from food till death. But His Holiness the Acharyya did not allow him to embrace Santhara. Never daunted Swamiji Ranjitmalji went on fasting and renewed his request on every possible occasion to perform Santhara. On Bhadra Sudi 2, he had fasted for 60 days; out of which for 21 days he had not taken even water. At about 7-30 P.M. on Bhadra Sudi 2, he was allowed to take the vow of Santhara and after an hour and a half his immortal soul left this world.  

His fasts were as follows:

1 day's fast

2 days' fast

3 days' fast

4 days' fast





5 days' fast

7 days' fast

8 days' fast

10 days' fast.





11 days' fast i

15 days* fast 1

21 days' fast i

30 days' fast 1





31 days' fast

45 days' fast

52 days' fast

60 days' fast





101 days' fast

45 days' fast

47 days' fast






(at Gogunda, 1947 Samvat, took whey-water only)

(at Rajnagar took whey-water only)

(took whey-water only)



5th Edition, 1946
Sri Jain Swetambar Terapanthi Sabha, Calcutta, India

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