ABC Of Jainism: 13 Path To Liberation: A Prayer

Published: 05.11.2010


Path To Liberation: A Prayer

English translation of Budhjan's
"Prabhu Patit Paawan"
Shri Girdhar Lal Jain

O Prabhu, I am an impure worldly soul,
and you have broken the cycle of birth and rebirth,
and have revealed the path to liberation,
I perceive this character of yours,
so I have resolved to follow in your footsteps.

So far, before discerning your qualities,
I sought the help of various gods and goddesses,
I failed to apply my intellect to understand the self,
and mistook delusion to be auspicious.

In the thick jungle of worldly existence, karma,
my enemy, robbed me of my wealth of knowledge,
hence I lost the sense of my direction,
and forgetting my auspicious goal, I took inauspicious paths.

This is the auspicious moment,
this is the auspicious day,
this is my auspicious life; my fortunes have risen,
I have visualized your characteristics, O Prabhu.

You are beyond attachment and aversion,
You are the embodiment of non-possessiveness,
your image shows you in deep meditation,
displaying eight external adornments;
your qualities are infinite,
they surpass the brilliance of millions of suns.
My dark delusion has been removed,
the sun of self realization has risen in my soul,
my heart has been. filled with real joy, the joy of a poor man,
who finds a precious stone, that will fulfill all his needs.

With folded hands, I bow my head,
I express my devotion to your footprints,
You are supreme, the most eminent in the universe,
I pray to you in the exponent of the path to liberation.

I have no desire for heaven or for any kingdom,
or of the company of friends and relatives,
I Budh, wish for the devotion of your virtues,
until I attain salvation, the most auspicious state.



Jñānodaya Vidyāpeeth, Bhopal, M.P., India


1st Edition 1998


V.K. Jain Suresh Jain



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