ABC Of Jainism: 00.1 Foreword

Published: 22.10.2010
Updated: 30.07.2015

A public and charitable trust known as Ācārya Vidyāsāgar Prabandha Vigyan Sansthan has been established in Bhopal town of Central India for the purposes of education, human welfare and cultural development in the year 1995. This trust has set up trinity of institutions namely: Vidyāsāgar Institute of Management (VIM), Jñānodaya Handi­capped Rehabilitation Training and Research Institute (Jñānodaya Limbs) and Jñanodaya Vidyāpeeth, in its newly constructed huge building situated in its fully developed sprawling campus. VIM conducts MBA, MCA and BBA Programmes. Jñānodaya Limbs, as its name suggests, undertakes human welfare activities. Jñānodaya 'Vidyāpeeth, which has developed a grand library, publishes books on Jaina philosophy.

On behalf of the trust and its constituent unit Jñānodaya Vidyāpeetha, I am very much happy to publish "ABC of Jainism" and present the same to the people who want to understand Jaina Philosophy. This book has been written by Er. Shantilal Jain, former Executive Director, M.P. Electricity Board and now Power Consultant of inter­national repute under the constant guidance of our Very Reverend and Outstanding Jain Saint, Disciple of His Holiness Acharya Vidyāsāgarji Munī Kshamasāgarji. Munī Kshamasāgarji has been practicing and preaching the principles of Jainism assiduously for last 20 years. During his discourses, he is being highly appreciated by all for his deep knowledge and simple but excellent presentation.

This book explains the basic principles of Jainism to a learner.

Jainism is an ancient but most modern and flourishing creed of India. It is an important, fully developed and well established Indian religion and cultural system. The Jaina way of life prescribes the best form of industriousness and happiness. It has proved beneficial to innumerable persons in India and other countries.

I am happy to mention that the noted writer Er. Jain, who is proceeding on the path of moral elevation shown by our saints, ensured that the contents of this book are objective, simple and authentic. In my view this book shall be very much useful to the persons who live in English speaking countries and who wish that their children learn the basic principles of Jaina Philosophy. The followers of Jaina religion, who live in America and European countries, have always felt the need of such book. This was expressed by several persons during the visits of Shri Madan Lal Benara, Chairman of this trust and also during my visits to these countries. Dr. Mahendra Pandya and Smt. Asha Pandya, who are settled in America, also expressed their desire before Munī Shri Kshamasāgarji that such a book should be written and published under his guidance.

I express my heartiest gratitude to Shri Shantilal Jain, Shri V.K. Jain, my wife Vimla Jain - a member of higher judicial service in High Court of M.P.-who always inspired me and all others who helped me in this endeavor directly or indirectly.

Suresh Jain, lAS
30, Nishat Colony, Bhopal-462003 (M.P.)
Ph.: (0755) 555533



Jñānodaya Vidyāpeeth, Bhopal, M.P., India


1st Edition 1998


V.K. Jain Suresh Jain



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