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Published: 22.04.2017
Updated: 27.04.2017


8th Mahaprayan Day of Acharya Mahaprajna

Jainism’s Golden Sun Sets

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When Glory of the God take birth as a human being it is called Mahapragya, a great philosopher, a pious saint who illuminated the whole world by his pious thoughts. He enlightened our life by giving the important method like Jeevan Vigyan and Preksha Dhyan. He inspired us to join the path of salvation by meditation. He spent his whole life for doing good deeds for mankind. Although his mortal body is not present today but his Devine soul will always inspire us to follow the path of nonviolence and peace. He was the saint who is out of boundary... his philosophy represents present, past and future. He is immortal by his thoughts, by his philosophy. I pay my heartiest tribute to great saint Shri Acharya Mahaprgayji on his 8th Mahaprayan divas.

Kavita Bhansali
A great Sun became invisible!
Which enlightened the entire universe.
Whose wisdom lit up million lamps.
The stability that was not known at all,
Deep secrets were hidden in the words of a Yogi.
When the monk predicted,
This will be a great Yogiraj.
Wound at the Jyoti Kendra opened the Innovative Door to Consciousness.
The sensation filled up materially,
This materialistic world is insensible.
The flames of wisdom ignited.
When Acharya Kalu conducted the audit.
Nathu was changed to Muni Nathmal.
On whom Guru Tulsi had special grace.
Who seemed to be pleasing in oration.
Who knew one day will become a silent seeker.
Whose walk was not straightforward.
That one day will become the successor of a huge disciplined association.
The harsh discipline of Guru Tulsi,
But a vaulted umbrella covered the shadow.
Accumulating wisdom of intelligence,
Muni Nathalal became Mahapragya.
The whole world bow down before him.
O life science provider!
O Preksha Dhyan promulgator!
O extempore Poet!
This "Kavita" repeatedly salutes!
To the great Sun of enlightenment who distributes the magic of knowledge!
To the one who showers mercy on all creatures!
To the great Moon who provided coolness when stressed!
To the Ocean of serenity!
I bow before Thy.
If we imbibe your teachings then meaning can be added in all meaningless births.
Greetings! Greetings! Greetings!
Secretary, Mahila Mandal

It is my habit to read a quote of Acharya Mahapragya in morning and to hear his brief speech on Preksha Meditation. Acharya Mahapragya was unique in many fields his contribution in the field of World Peace, Nonviolence, in literature was extraordinary. The vacuum created by him will not be filled. I pay my homage to such great personality on his 8th Mahaprayan Day.



Acharya Mahapragya often referred that great people incarnate purposefully. His Holiness enthroned the Acharya post of Terapanth Order and aimed the welfare of not only of the Jain sect but also of the entire universe. The whole world is gratified for the science of living and preksha meditation methods propounded by you under the guidance of Acharya Tulsi. His Holiness elevated high in the list of Sanskrit scholars. His highness conveyed the message of compassion to the universe by the means of Ahimsa yatra. His Highness's literature is quite impactful. It’s very truly said that one discourse of yours changes the vision of life. Gurudev you have indebted all of us by entrusting us into the safe hands of Acharya Mahashraman, equivalent to that of an enlightened personality. Entire Terapanth Order will always be grateful towards you. Lots n lots of salutations to you


I had a longstanding relationship with Acharya Mahapragya though I met him only twice in person. My relationship with him begins at a different level, walks through Acharya Rajneesh and Acharya Satya Narayan Ji Goenka and rests with feeling his vibes while watching the live telecast of his Mahaprayan. I scribbled something on that day and wished that to live by making those words a part of this communication but didn't find that handy.
I first met revered Mahapragya in 1997 at my native place. The very first moment he could appreciate that I am a material different than the usual youth, born and brought up in a Terapanthi householder family and me
could feel that I am meeting some different species of a rebel in a conventional attire of a Jain monk.
He asked me out of the blue and began the conversation, "what are you reading nowadays."  "Mahamudra by Tapco Tashi Namgyal" was my reply. Suddenly he became a curious student and supplemented whatever I said with his original ideas. A great trait of sharing the knowledge without an iota of EGO natural and spontaneous he was. He indicated me some of his books and I told him that I am fond of his 'Abhamandal' and 'Jain Darshan: Manan and Meemansa' He suggested me to glance through few more titles which I did lovingly in course of time. The second meet with him was in 2008 for a few minutes which he gave to me and my spouse Vijaya at Jain Vishvabharti, Ladnun where we just dashed on our way to Khimsar Palace. We could enjoy his interaction with the Chief Khidmatgaar Sahib of Ajmer Shareef on Sufism.
His studies and creativity attained its peak despite his limitation as a conventional Jain Acharya....the individual Mahapragya happened to be a larger persona grata than Acharya Mahapragya. He was simply Superb!
My Vandana to the memories of the great soul who visited this earth with a purpose.



Shri mahapragna gurave namah.
HH Acharya Mahaprajna, is the greatest legend of discipleship and guru bhakti.
The journey of Natthu to Muni Nathmal to Acharya Mahaprajna was a journey of transformation. A young lay boy, who through his sincerest bhakti in the lotus feet of his guru, was transformed to a guru. He never used his intellect to comprehend the orders of his guru. He was blind to all shortcomings of human nature, if any, of his guru. The only lesson he had learned was to follow the orders of his guru word to word. This utmost submission, directed the continuous flow of nectar from the feet of his preceptor towards him. Drinking the nectar, a young muni who once didn't  know to walk and dress properly, who would take whole day to learn a verse, became a great philosopher, a great a writer and the supreme of his sect.
It is 8 years since his mortal body has left us but he will forever be with us through his immortal preachings, his teachings, his most precious and divine gift to the mankind: Preksha Dhyan and Jeevan Vigyan.
He has left us all with a great legacy, which can transform us from mortal to immortal beings but only if we choose to become a true disciple like him.


The sun of this universe rise and sets 
But the mortal sun of humanity world, 
"Acharya  Mahapragya", will never set 
'Cause he showed the world,
The "eternal light" in the darkness of sorrows -
"The Science of living and Preksha Meditation! "
He taught shed "I" and renounce "Mine",
Will make you happy and divine. 
Human values he emphasised as Religion,
The theory of Anekant gave respect to other religion.
All through his life he practiced what he said.
He was in 90 s yet was a youth,
With energetic, splendour of wisdom and knowledge.
On his 8th mahaprayan day,
To pay our due respect and thanksgiving!
Let's cherish his ideology!
Follow and spread the religion of humanity!
The religion based on science and religion 
Complimenting each other,
Understand and cultivate it in our lives.
With all due respect to the brightest sun of all religion!
"ॐ ह्रीं महाप्रज्ञ ग़ुरवे नमः" 


Bane Chand Malu

Today is the eighth Mahapryan Day of The great Philosopher Saint, the l0th Acharya of Jain Swetamber Terapanth Sangh, Revered Acharya MAHAPRAGYA, whose simple but very effective teachings on Life will always be echoing in the Universe as ever fresh Verse, will never be accepted as Departed Soul by his disciples and dedicated followers.

Yes, he has gone and left this mortal world. It is a fact, it is the truth. And it is the Law of this Mortal World. He came as a Scented flower, spread its Scent all over, and went away leaving behind the unforgettable memories. But the fact is, such people are always SPECIAL. They never go from the Hearts of the people. They remain in the minds forever. AND HE WAS THAT UNFORGETTABLE PERSONALITY. He will always be there in the Eternity.
HUMBLE SALUTE to HIM on his Mahapryan Day, That's what from my Heart I say. Om Arhum

Madanlal Fulfagar' Sadhana Nideshak,
Ahimsa Center,

Was Mahapragya a monk or Acharya of Terapanth or a Jain Sect? Many people may say this. But he was such a saint who gave sermons for whole the world. He showed the world how to reduce anger, tension, impurity of mind and live happy. He himself do experiments and achieved the results.  Many times he said that due to this meditation system he could live cool and calm, during last 80 years of his life he did not get angry even more than 10 times. I also would like to say that many times I also was able to do the situations "let go", because of this doing myself. Who knew that he could be such a noble person when he was a child? But he was. Even when ‘Jain Agam' Edited books were published the other Jain Acharya expressed views that great work is done without supporting  and forcing own  views and facts. So on behalf of Ahimsa Art Gallery a dream of Tulsi Mahapragya Bharati Trust, devote my hour and tribute to Acharya Mahapragya. We are also preparing to celebrate SATABDI OF ACHARYA JI.
Who knows, when a child take birth, actually what that could be,
Yet some indications & destiny informs, what that could be,
Sometime depends upon situations or ones dedication,
MAHAPRAGYA got  achievement, our moto too "it should be".

99 Acharya Dr. Shiv Muni Ji Maharaj
Acharya Dr. Shiv Muni Ji Maharaj, head of the Shwetambar Sthanakwasi Shraman Sangh paid rich tributes to late Acharya Shri Mahapragya, head of Shwetambar Terapanth sect. He said, the real tribute to him would be only to follow his ideals and philosophy. Devlok Gaman of Shri Mahapragya has been a irreparable loss to the entire Jain society. He expressed his homage to the Acharya on behalf of the entire Vardhman Sthanakwasi Shraman Sangh.
98 Dr. Leo Rebello
Mumbai, India
Acharya Mahapragya was a doyen among true spiritual leaders and his last book co-authored with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Ex President of India (which was sent to me as a gift) is a fine book, which now will have more value. While other so-called Holy men directly and indirectly fanned communal passions, which engulfed Gandhi's Gujarat in worst conflagration, Acharya was the only Gurudev, who stepped out to douse the flames of communalism. Like Swami Vivekanand, Acharya Mahapragya walked across India on foot addressing public meetings.  From 2001 to 2009, he walked through 87 districts of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Chandigarh. He traversed more than 100,000 km on foot covering over 10,000 villages reaching out to the masses spreading the message of harmony and peace.....May the soul of this Prophet of Ahimsa guard the destiny of India in these difficult times. [more]
97 Dr. Sohan Lal Gandhi
Jaipur, India

His Holiness Acharya Mahapragya left for his heavenly abode all of a sudden on 9th May 2010 at Sardar Shahar where he was spending his pre-chaturmas time. It was so sudden that we were all taken aback. At the age of 90 he exhuded strength and confidence. He had invited Anuvrat Workers for a special dialogue with him. A day before his death he met them and asked them to work hard for peace, reconciliation and interfaith harmony. He continued the dialogue with them till 9.30am on 9th May. Then he went to the assembly and delivered a soul-stirring discourse for 40 minutes. There wasn’t an iota of evidence to let us know of his impending departure. He was his usual self. After the discourse he had another round of discussions as though he wanted to share his wisdom before he actually left the body. He ate his frugal lunch at 12.30, had a good rest and at 1.30pm he was up again to continue his routine. We mortals had no idea that this great saint was in a hurry to sum up his message to give maximum before he soared heavenward. He was sitting in his plastic chair (Jain saints do not sit on cushioned chairs on account of their vow to practice austerity) teaching samanis and exactly at 2.10 he said that he was feeling shunyata (emptiness). It was a sort of Samadhi and in a few seconds he left the body for ever and took off to heaven.
Acharya Mahapragya will be remembered for his singular contribution to humanity. To him science and spirituality were not contradictory but complementary. What the world needs today is a new human being who combines in him both spiritual and scientific outlook. He relentlessly worked for the reconciliation between the two and promoted scientific research in his religious order. Though he wore the robe of a Jain monk it was just his identity. He had a broad-minded outlook embedded in anekantvad (non-absolutist attitude). He made anekantvad a global campaign to promote harmony and tolerance among the followers of different faiths.
He was of the view that all religions seek truth and the experiences of truth seekers, irrespective of their religions, cannot be dubbed as false or true. Everyone is right from his point of view. This is the quintessence of anekantvad - the non-absolutist outlook on life which enjoins us to respect all religious beliefs. In his discourses he didn’t talk of his religion but talked only of human values and universal aspect of religion. He said that the main cause of conflict is impulsive impetuousity or what we call uncontrolled emotions. He who is able to control his emotions will inevitably live a happy life. We need to restrain anger, greed, hatred, jealousy to enable us to succeed in life. He developed a technique to enhance emotional competence which is known as Science of Living.
He was of the view that each one of us has an inner world which is full of bliss. To fathom it he developed Preksha Meditation. His three-dimensional programme of human regeneration in the form of Anuvrat, Preksha Meditation and Jeevan Vigyan became his only mission of life and his successor Acharya Mahashraman along with his monks and nuns are now continuing his legacy of ahimsa.

96 Vinod Kothari
Kolkata, India
One of the quadruplets of Kalyanmandir stotra has this meaning - Lord, I am trying to describe your virtues; isn't it like a small child spreading his little arms to explain how big the sea is! This is precisely what one feels like writing a tribute for Acharya Mahapragya. Years ago, during my college days, I did what I thought was a wonderful research on etymology of Indian languages, and then I happened to read some pages from Jain Darshan ke Maulik Tatva (Fundamental Principles of Jainism) written by Acharyashree (then Muni Nathmal) and I was simply stunned. He, who I surely knew was a great thinker and scholar of Jainism, in just a few pages summed up origin and development of languages better than the many books I had read. And then I read more of Jain Darshan ke Maulik Tatva and formed the strong belief that when it came to holistic knowledge, there was no better living person than he. He knew things from numerous perspectives - which is how pure knowledge is. He knew things as they are, not as things seem to be.
Over recent years, I was lucky recipient of his attention. Some people told me that recently in Momasar, possibly in some Pravachan, he said some kind words about me. I felt like having achieved something great.
Religions of the world are getting more and more presonality-led, rather than tradition-led. I can see this coming surrely - people would follow religious leaders and thinkers free from any particular tradition. Personalities like Acharya Mahapragya have no substitute - hence, this leaves a huge void.
95 Jagadguru Karmayogi
Charukeerthy Bhattarak Swamiji

In the Samadhmaran of Acharya Shri Mahapragyaji, India has lost one of the greatest spiritual leaders of our times to the extent that it is difficult to fill the void. As an unique successor of celebrated Acharya Shri Tulsi Ji, Acharya Shri Mahapragya had inspired crores of people in India and abroad. Acharya was a prolific author of very many important books on Religion, Philosophy, Literature, Psychology, and social Reformation. Acharya was an extraordinary expounder of Preksha Meditation that has become popular world over. May His Soul reach the state of eternal bliss.
94 Amit Kumar Jain
Helsinki, Finland
Om Shri Mahapragya Guruve Namah. The unfortunate mahaprayan of Gurudev has jolted me completely. I was present in Sardarshahar when the mahaprayan took place. I reached sardarshahar on 8th May, evening hours, for Guru darshan.
I went to the room at around 6:30 pm where gurudev was sitting for his regular evening meditation and Mauna. All the tiredness of my journey from Finland to sardarshar in peak summer just vanished in a moment when I got the glimpse of beloved Gurudev. I'll never forget this evening hour for the rest of my life. I'll never forget the adorable eyes. The next morning I was again feeling blessed to see Gurudev coming for prayer assembly and then for the discourse. I never imagined that something like this will happen in next few hours.  It was around 3 pm, I was resting at my room and someone knocked my door to tell me "Gurudev left for heavenly abode". I couldn't believe these words. My mind was completely blank. This moment still haunts me. Those few days are one of the most difficult times for me.  Gurudev left a big void in me. Still I don't want to accept this truth.
Certainly, this loss wont get filled. Gurudev's images, thought, teachings, personality, great qualities will always be alive in our hearts. Gurudev personified the holy ideals of veetraag souls manifesting unlimited knowledge, unlimited energy, unlimited joy. He lived his life with full awareness. A rare person with outstanding spirituality, purity, compassion, wisdom, intellect, simplicity, humility, positive attitude, leadership. The virtue list doesn't end.   He has done so much for mankind, he has showered so much of love and affection to all living beings, I don't know what can we do to him... Vande Guruvaram.
93 Prof. Dr. Nagarajaiah Hampana
Bangalore, India
His Holiness Acharya Sri Mahapragyaji was a senior most Saint-scholar of vision and a mission which guided his followers on the noble path of non-violence and universal brotherhood. Adhunik Mahapurush Sri Mahapragyaji was both a Yugpurush and a yogpurush of our times. He virtually belonged to the tradition of ancient Rishis. He wrote a series of invaluable books on varied relevant subjects many of which have been translated into other languages from original Hindi. His divine towering personality was phenomenal and it inspired monks, nuns and householders alike. Spreading knowledge was another area of his priorities. Acharya was chief patron and promoter of Deemed University, the Jain Vishva Bharati Institute at Ladnun in Rajasthan. It is to be underlined that he was the chief architect and inspiration for organising several National & International Seminars on the theme of Religion & Philosophy. His message to mankind and philosophical discourses remind the role played by Swami Vivekananda. In brief, Acharya Mahapragya ji has carved a niche in the hall of immortal spiritual leaders of our times.
92 R.K. Bengani
Dubai, U.A.E
One month has passed since Pujya Gurudev Acharya Shri Mahaprajnaji left his gross body for heavenly abode. He was a storehouse of knowledge and wisdom. He was born in the 5th part of the time cycle hence he was not a Keval Gyani. But I strongly feel and believe that he was not far from being a Keval Gyani. And considering the natural limitations of this time cycle he was not much less than a Keval Gyani. Any interaction with him, whether by thoughts, verbal or directly in person always brought positive vibrations in my mind and soul. His eyes were just like a perpetual fountain of compassion. He will always remain an endless source of inspiration. Not only for most believers and me but also for several generations to come.
With Highest Respects To Pujya Gurudev Shri Mahaprajnaji
91 Vinod Choraria
Kolkata, India
Shri Mahapragya Gurudev Namah
The sad news of Mahaprayan of H.H Acharya Shri Mahapragyaji at Sardarshahar (Rajasthan) immensely aggrieved me and my family. As the former General Secretary OF Jain Swetamber Terapanth Mahasabha, I had come very close to H.H Acharya Shri Mahapragyaji and had the opportunity of observing him at very close quarters.
The successful completion of my tenure can be attributed to his Blessings and preaching, which were inspirational for me.
His Devlok Gaman is a great loss to Humankind especially to the Jain Community and the Terapanth Sect.
H.H. was a great Philosopher, Spiritual and a Noble Saint. His book “The Family And The Nation“ with former President of India A.P.J Abdul Kalam is a great achievement.
H.H. dedicated his full life practicing and preaching the Philosophy of Ahimsa, Anuvrat and Preksha Meditation. H.H. will always be remembered for his Ahimsa Yatra in Gujarat and Maharashtra.
My heart fills with sorrow when I remember H.H. He is not with us but his teaching and blessings will always be with us, inspiring us to achieve greater goal and always striving to be a better human being. He will always remain a guiding force to us.
90 Karyna Do Monte

Boston University, USA

Acharyashree’s call for the moral awakening of the individual was based on his deep conviction that each soul contributes to society and that the health of the individual is foundational to the quality of life for all living beings in the world. This great visionary scholar, and leader sought to identify the common essence within a divided and conquered humanity and found it in individualized religious experience. He defined this common individual experience of pure, unadulterated religion as the “perception of the soul”, and distinguished it from the more traditionally based components of religions, such as ritual, tradition, and ideology. His insistence that anyone from any religious tradition could fall prey to the misperceptions created by attachment to transient worldly things, to the violence that springs from such possessiveness, and to the intolerance that is bred by faulty notions of distinction and difference.
In Dedication to His Holiness Acharya Mahapragya (1920-2010), Mahatma of Peace for the 21st Century
89 Fons Delnooz

The Netherlands

Several years ago we were introduced to Jainism and Acharya Mahapragya by Rudy Jansma, a Dutch colleague-writer. Jainism was like coming home for me. I feel so deeply love and respect for the Jain way of life, and specially for ahimsa. For me as a western person, it was so special to be in direct contact with shri Mahapragya. It is very special that a man, so high in rank and with such vast responsibilities is so directly approachable. We are so grateful for his kindness, his knowledge, his wisdom, his enormous dedication and contribution to spiritual upliftment of men. Our love and respect goes to Acharya Mahapragya, to the new Acharya and to the Jains who lost their great leader.


Praful Parakh

Tears fell from my eyes; grief filled my little heart, on listening this sorry news. Acharya Shri Mahapragya had been one of the most inspiring person i had ever met...he had the experience of the world and led the "Jain Dharam" like a true leader...  Since he is no more so we but cherish his memory, that abides with us, more present than the living man. May he shower his blessings on us from wherever he is... He was the glory of our dharam but though nothing can bring back the glory in the flower, We will grieve not, rather find strength in what remains behind.
Jai Bharat, Jai Jain Dharam, Jai Bhikshu, Jai Acharya Mahapragya

87 Prakash Chandra Pincha

Kolkata. India

A Humble Tribute To The Gurudev Acharya Mahaprajna
India's most revered and the Nobel winner poet Rabindra Nath Tagore had sung---"aaguner paarasmani chhuaao praaney, e jeebon punyo koro, punyo koro dahan daaney". These two opening lines of this famous bengali song when translated mean like this;--
The poet prays to the omnipotent cosmic energy--- to liberate him by giving his soul a touch of the fire of His Parasmani. (Parasmani is a mythical stone, which if touched to, converts the iron into gold). Had the poet been alive today, I believe, would have declared his will having been granted in the form of Mahaprajna. The Acharya was the Guru of a very miniscule Jain sect of 'Terapanth'. Apart from the born-Terapanthi Jains, millions came into contact with this erudite monk either personally or through his literature or through his discourses in electronic media. His touch was a magical magnate, which, while upholding the dignity of polarisation of faiths lead the people to the path of freedom. His freedom had nothing to do with the freedom of choice. His freedom was freedom from fear---fear of worldly miseries, fear of failure, fear of losing self-respect, fear of death.
He was an original thinker and his philosophy transcended the contours of sects. He propounded the Jain Agamas in a unique way, which was some thing new that electrified not only the non-Jains but also even the born-Jains who were well versed in the Jain philosophy. The latest discoveries of the modern science just appear the echoes of distant drums when he explained the Agamas in his own style. The serious theories of scriptures were a thing of the ancient books, confined to the monks for studies and somewhat boring for the common man. But the Acharya gave such mathematical explanations to them that directly stirred the minds of the listener / reader. More non-Jains than Jains were reading and listening the very serious Jainology put forth by him in a way, which only could satisfy the today's logical mind. The monism of the Semitics, Anatmvad of the Buddha and Advaita of Vedanta all converged at the Mahaprajna's expositions of the Anekantwad of Jains.
Much has been written and spoken about practical training method of his Preksha Meditation technique. His technique was for the serious students of the scriptures as well as for the one who had never read any of them, and both experienced the Dharma in a way un-known earlier. Although he was delivering the teachings of Mahavira but he did not push his followers to fall in the footsteps of Mahavira. Rather, he taught how a man can manifest the Mahavira or the Buddha or the Jesus in himself through practicing the Preksha Meditation technique. Apart from vast literature that he created and re-discovery and re-defining of the scriptures, his gift of the Preksha is the most valuable to the mankind genetically infected with hatred and greed.
World is much poorer today having lost him.

86 Anop R. Vora
Rochester, NY 

I would like to offer my deep respect and condolences on passing away of High Holiness Acharya Mahaprajna ji. Jain community has indeed lost a great thinker, a prolific writer, a philosopher, and a visionary in him. When I attended an International Camp on Preksha Meditation a few years ago in Ladnun, I came in contact with him and was fortunate to get his blessings. I found him to be very humble, extremely nice, and, gave me - being a JAINA President then - the platform to address the Sabha more than once. He always respected Jain institutions and showed a willingness to work in harmony with them to promote a greater good. His efforts to promote Preksha Meditation for the benefit of the entire world should have a lasting impression through the generations. May his soul rest in peace and his message of love and compassion continue to reverberate in our lives for years to come.

85 Binod Singhi
Anish Baid

Guwahati, India
We condole, the Sad Demise of our beloved Spiritual Saint Acharya Mahapragya. The man of Wisdom, Willpower and divinity, A Strong but Calm by nature, He has shown to humanity an eventful Journey of Life. His acumen of Spirituality & Science is unparalleled, because of his guidance towards truth & reality millions of us leading, happier, healthier, more meaningful lives. A true privilege for his act, wisdom, sacrifice and love would suffice if we follow his footsteps. His presence will be missed.
84 Ajay K. Garg

Bathindia, Punjab, India
The News “Acharya Mahapragya ji passed away” is news like Tsunami in Jains' world. Not even for Jains, also for Everybody who have some respect towards Saint/Guru. Whenever I see towards Acharya Mahapragya ji’s face, I feel a light spread on me, which gives me wonderful feelings. But now where from I get this wonderful feelings? With a very sad heart.
83 Dr. Awadesh Singh,
Kolkata, India
via Shri
Sushil Kumar Jain (Choraria)
For others Acharyashree Mahapragya might be a great saint, philosopher, prolific writer, multi dimensional personality and the 10th Acharya of Jain Svetamber Terapanth Sect, but for me he was a kind hearted person whose look was just like my late father’s look. My association with him was not too long. But during these 6 months I have felt that he was a person beyond imagination. First time when I saw him at Ladnun, I was astonished by his aura. I saw my father’s eyes in his eyes. They were saying so many things. Immediately a great relation was established without uttering a single word. There was no conversation between us, but a silent conversation was going on. I have read about 15-16 books written by him on different subjects during this period and have been influenced by them in many ways. So many adjectives have been used for him and actually he was having so many qualities but one thing, which influenced me most, was his depth of understanding of the realities of life. Now he is no more, but his memories will last forever.
82 Dr. Ashok Bapna
Jaipur, India
It is with a heavy heart that I learnt about the sad news that Acharyashri Mahapragya left his bodily abode at Sardarshahar on 9th May, 2010. Though this loss is irreparable, and I wish the departed soul to rest in peace, we know very well that great saints and spiritual leaders do not pass away the way we ordinary mortals do. During their lifetime they touch the lives of innumerable humans and when they move on, they leave behind a rich legacy, which lives on for centuries to come in the minds of men. He will continue to live in his voluminous writings on religion, philosophy and the entire gamut of life, which will shine as a beacon light to show us the true path. Then there is that precious gift of prekshadhyan which he benevolently bestowed upon us and which we will cherish for all times to come.
We can pay a real tribute to this super human by carrying forward his mission to serve humanity by eliminating hunger, poverty and inequality through a non-violent movement and transformation of present economic system, especially through the concept of Relative Economics on which we have been working for the past few years and will continue to work in the coming decades to evolve the system fully in order to realize his vision of a peaceful society.
To this wonderful soul, I bow my head with complete humility and pray to God that he may rule our hearts forever.
[Original in Hindi]

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81 Bajrang Lal Daga

Kolkata, India

Om Arham,
Unbelievable but true that H.H. Aacharya Mahapragyaji is no more with us.
Unki Yah Yatra Is Lok Se Us Lok Ki Or Managal May Ho.Hum Unke Dwara Bataye Gaye Marg Par Chalenge Or Unke Diye Gaye Awdano Ko Jan - Jan Tak Pouchayenge.
Hum yah Kaamna Karte Hain Unke Atama Moksh Ke aur Agrasar Ho.
A great loss to Jain community & whole world also. We all deeply regret & hope - let him guide us from the Swarg. Deep condolences to all.

80 Mangal Chand Giria
Ashok Kumar Giria

Tamkor/Kolkata, India
I am deeply saddened & hurt by the news of the demise of Acharya Mahapragya Ji. He was my inspiration in life. He was a pearl to the race of humanity and mankind. I pray to god that His soul may rest in Peace.
79 Arvinder Jain
Birmingham, UK

Acharya Mahapragya Ji had such a fantastic memory and concentration and at his age is to be admired. I had seen him doing multitasks i.e. teaching Sadhus / Sadhvis, assisting with translation of Shastras, talking to visitors and reciting Mangal Path, and also talking to me without forgetting what the last thing we said. He always found time to talk to children in between. He was an incredible person.
I was in Delhi when he was given the President’s Award. I felt as if I and the whole Jain community was awarded and made me feel very proud to be a Jain.
The World has lost a great soul, a unique person, and a great humanitarian whilst Jains have lost a great Acharya, but fortunately he has left a great legacy behind him and Mahashraman Ji to continue his work.
Tribute to Acharya Mahapragya Ji

78 Suchita Giria
Swati Giria

Tamkor/Kolkata, India
Acharya Shri Mahapragya ji - " The Guiding Light " the Ahinsa follower is not between us today, but will always remain between us forever in our heart and memory. His spiritual teachings have made the people to lead their life in right path. His eighty years Tapasya have made him so bright and powerful like sun, which always provides light and removes darkness from the whole world. So, this light will never fade and will always be there to guide us.
77 Madan Chand Nahata
Kolkata, India
The sudden demise of Acharya Shri Mahapragya ji is really a shock for the Nation and the World. Physically he may have leaved us, but he will be always alive in our heart and mind. His contribution to the whole World is uncountable. He devoted 80yrs of his life for self-awakening and for the welfare of mankind. He showed us the path of non-violence and peace, following which we can increase our moral values. The lesson of Jeevan Vigyan and Preksha Dhyan taught by him will always help us to fight with our physical, mental, and emotional problems. He had done enough for us, now it’s our time to follow his path and spread his incomparable lectures to the World. By this way we can dedicate the real Homage to this Great Soul.
Om Arham.
76 Parash Kumar Bothra

Kolkata/Ladnun, India

Mahaprayan of respected saint Acharya Mahaprajna may be a big vacuum for this physical world, but will be a great presence in the heavenly abode. This is a great step in his upward journey to eternity. He was always with us and will be always with us. A great salute to the great soul.

Devendra Tater

Kolkata, India

The void created by sudden demise of Acharyashri Mahapragyaji is least likely to be compensated. Humanity has lost a great seer and messenger of peace. I and my whole family bow with respect to the Mahatma.
74 Nirmal Dugar

Islampur, India
Acharya Mahapragya was a great Saint. He has left us physically but His knowledge of Adhyatma, Preksha Dhyan and so many techniques are with us. If we use His Adhyatma Gyan in our life then we can live our life peacefully and with broad mentality. He has driven the wheel of Jainism in such a way throughout his life so that the whole world knows him. He has given a great contribution to the Jain community and to the whole world.
73 Rajendra Sancheti

Mahaprayan of Acharya Mahaprajna has created a vacuum across the globe. He was GENIUS in every subject in life and no wonder that his literature becomes the necessary base structure for happy living of humankind. The world's great people have met him time to time and the knowledge they got from him has made their lives in all the spheres of life. We must listen comments of learned people like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam to understand the immaculate strengths of a legend. Now, it’s a challenge for all of us to keep the flag flying high under the able guidance of new Acharya Shri Mahashraman. We have proven it time and again that we have come out much stronger after every crisis and we will surely come out of this crisis also. Jai Jinendra.

B.Raj Bhandari
Geneva, Switzerland

Jai Jinendra. Samani Prasanna Pragya and Samani Rohit Pragya had visited Switzerland from 1st May 2010 for 10 days. We had organised series of talks by them on different aspects of Science of Living, Preksha Meditation and Jain basic preachings and philosophy. On 9th May, Swiss Jain group had celebrated Akshay Tritiya one week in advance, to take advantage of the presence of Samanijis. As the morning session ended around 12:00 noon, we were appalled to hear thru London & India about the sudden Mahaprayan of Acharya Mahaprajnaji. This sent shockwave among all of us even those who had not the opportunity to have his Darshan. My wife and I had the privilege of having his regular Darshan during our annual winter visit to India. On a priority basis, arrangements were made for both Samanijis to fly to London and from there to India.
Besides family visit, being the member of Board of Management of Jain Vishva Bharati University, during every visit to India I had his Darshan. The last one was at Sri Dungargarh. Acharya Mahaprajnaji was the most learned living seer and scholar of Jainism. As title in your newsletter says, Jainism’s Golden Sun has set with his Mahaprayan.

71 Manish Mehta

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
I had the distinct pleasure of having Darshan and meeting with Acharya Mahaprajnaji during his Chaturmas in Udaipur on the evening of October 1, 2007. In many ways, he represented the best face of Jainism for our Age, through his progressive thinking and prolific writing which are highly appropriate for our times and relevant to the challenges humanity faces. He was gifted with the ability to communicate both, orally and in writing, to relate to young persons and scholars alike, and thereby convey the simple message of Ahimsa and Respect and Jain Way of Life to many outside the Jain community as well. He was a visionary in his advocacy of the need to develop an internationally relevant curriculum for formal study and dissemination of Jainism. He empowered young Jain scholars/Ambassadors of Goodwill in the form of Samans and Samanis to spread our unique beliefs and their awareness worldwide. We wish the departed soul well on its path to Moksha, and look forward to continued inspiration and educational programs/visits from Shri Yuvacharya and all learned scholars of Jain Vishwa Bharati.
70 Smita Kothari

Toronto, Canada
It is a sad day that the light of Gurudev Acharya Mahaprajnaji is no more. I remember my first meeting with the Acharya in June 2008 in Jaipur. We had a half hour discussion on yoga and meditation and he inspired me to change my dissertation topic to Jain yoga and Preksha Meditation. I had the pleasure of spending the last quarter of 2009 at Jain Vishwa Bharati doing research with all of the community in Ladnun and he continued to inspire my studies. He was a deep thinker and a prolific scholar whose contributions to the Jain world in particular, and to Indian civilization will continue to inspire others. His legacy of Ahimsa, Preksha Meditation and relative economics will continue to flourish. His demise is truly a sad day for all of us who were touched by him.

Mahendra  Jain Bhatera

Acharya Mahapragya - A Great Hero Of Non Violence & Humanity - Green Salute from Nepal Jain Parishad, Katmandu
68 Vijay Chopra

New Delhi, India
A great religious leader having number of awards in his name is now left us, but his great contribution of Preksha Meditiation, Jeevan Vigyan, Ahimsa Yatra will always remains in the mind of each person who know him. We pray to Vitrag Prabhu to peace to soul and give us strenth to bear this unbearable loss.Jai Jinendra
67 Naresh Anchalia
Surabaya, Indonesia
GURU is essential in every walk of life. Spiritual GURU is the supreme of all. I am lucky and proud to have had Acharyashri as my spiritual GURU. Who says he is no more there. He is there in my mind and heart always. So is he in everyone of his follower’s heart and mind too, guiding us day and night to the right faith, right knowledge and right conduct. We have to keep his presence felt by practicing his pious teachings in our day-to-day life.
66 Tarachand Choraria
Tamkor/Kolkata, India
Acharya Mahaprajna was a lively power of the spiritual world in this modern era. He, with his Atindriya Gyan has presented the invisible power in front of the world. He had enlightened the people of this world lying in the shadow of darkness. Getting such saint having the flood of gyan is really very rare in this generation. His passing away is a great loss to the believers of human and moral values indeed.
65 Prof. Dr. S. Cromwell Crawford
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

The deep sorrow that I now feel upon news of the demise of Acharya Mahapragya Ji is not a normal response to the death of a holy man; there is something more holy at work: it is the spirit and character of the man.
This unfolded when in winter of 2005, Dr. Sulekh Jain, a fellow collaborator in a new organization we were creating; viz. ASJNA (Academic Study of Jainism in North America) had to be introduced to leadership in the Jain community in India. Toward that end, Sulekh devised a month-long yatra for me to facilitate, getting publicity out to lay Jain people, academics and to spiritual leaders to get them on board the ISJS train (International School for Jain Studies.) The plan was to bring to India first-class graduate students from Western universities, give them immersion courses in Jain history, culture and philosophy, with a view to have them return to their home universities, and there spread the word about the study of Jainism, hoping for a repetition of what we had done for Buddhism which is now flourishing, internationally. Two initial problems we encountered were a divided Jain community, and a somewhat cold shoulder from the Jain spiritual leaders, due to the newness of the idea, and being unaware of the Western world's interest in their faith and philosophy. For our part we were convinced that if we could win the support of one big name Jain Acharya, others would follow.
Therefore, the ever resolute Sulekh Jain, hired a jeep and in short order we were driving to Rajasthan under the  guidance of Dr. S.P Pandey (of Parshwanath Vidyapeeth, Varanasi), there to have a darshan with Acharya Mahapragya Ji. I knew absolutely nothing about the man, He was staying temporarily in Rajasthan in a simple village of mud houses, and was now walking toward a meeting centre, covered by tent-like shamiana, and followed by throngs of devotees. Upon arrival, this frail man was whisked off into a small room, guarded by priestly attendants who held me, among the throngs, at bay. When we did meet, the question of language arose. Learning I could speak some Hindi, but more to establish equality and camaraderie; we began talks in Hindi, including some mild arguments. Regardless of my tooty-footy Hindi, he got my message about ISJS, supplying some of his own words, and declared our meeting memorable; consternation on Dr.  Pandey's face was telling. Not wanting to overstay the welcome, I slipped out in the crowd, but was promptly summoned to return, by the same guards who kept me out, and were now wondering what was the gravity of our talk. It seems we clicked, to become known later, because my message of Jain education to the world was already in his plans...
A few years later, his true state of mind became apparent first thing in the morning, following conferral of D.Litt on me by JVBI. After a  few pleasantries, he stretched over the length of his talk and assured me  that the substance of our exchanges were among the very things Acharya Tulsi, asked of him, and he was now asking of me through the instrumentality of ASJNA.  Now in Rajasthan, the vision was coming full circle. Then, to endorse his commitment to our cause, he promised me all resources we would need to advance Jain studies in the West and in India. My surprise was that this ascetic, of all people, would so deftly and quickly enter my mind and heart, and there build a temple to Lord Mahavir. In Matild’s (my wife) judgment it was the humility of the man that transformed people's prejudices and brought out their better nature.
So be it. I am resolved to channel my deep sorrow at his passing to continue the visions of Acharyas Tulsi and Mahapragyaji. As representatives of the International School for Jain Studies (ISJS), an organization to which he gave blessings, we now remember achievements of his long, illustrious life of global impact. ISJS will institute a prize for visionary achievement to keep alive the vision he had set.  His writings and books will be made known to Jain academics world over.  Now, our admired guru belongs to the ages, which instantly makes of us one family, united in both grief and joy. Shanti, shanti.

64 Dr. Raj Kumar Jain (Dugar)

Malsisar/Kolkata, India
Our real tribute to our great Guru will be that we come together & try to do accordingly his expectations to make India such as addressed by Lord Macaulay's to the British Parliament on 2 Feb,1835: "I have travelled across the length and breadth of India and have not seen one person who is a beggar, who is a thief, such wealth i have seen in this country,such high moral values, people of such calibre,that I do not think we would ever conquer this country, unless we break the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural heritage." Jai jinendra.
63 Manik Chand Dugar

Malsisar/Kolkata, India
The great departure of our Rev. Guru Acharya Mahapragyaji "The Vivekanand of Azad Hindustan" is one of the biggest loss of 21st century not only of our nation India but whole world. His unexpected demise is an unrepairable loss for our Dugar family(Malsisar) & everybody believing in Truth, Non-violence, Tolerance, Aparigrah, last but not the least 'the Service'. His contribution to bring the teachings of Lord Mahavir in a simple & lucid language to the world was enormous.
He was active till his last breath. He was really a Karamyogi & served the entire mankind with his preachings. He took terapanth community and followers to all new global heights and hoped eagerly that each & every member of society should be an idol of ARTH, VIDYA & SANSKARS and can lead India back to golden age.
62 Sunil Kumar Shyamsukha
Kolkata, India

The News of Acharya Shri Mahapragya ji's demise came as a great shock to our family & Terapanth Samaj. He was a spiritual man who spread his spirituality to the whole of the world.
61 Lekha Jain (Choraria)

In my short life of 15 years, I had only taken the darshan of Acharya Shree Mahaprajna once and that also when I possessed a mind not less than an infant and was too small to have knowledge about all the stuffs like karma and dharma. His suddenly and uncertainly passing away left me in a complete trembling shock. But as it is known that death is the last destiny of every individual in this world I will pray for all the Jain followers to follow his path, spread his teachings whenever and wherever and try not to let him down by letting his teachings down.

Dr. Amar Chand Bumb
Mrs. Raj Kumari Bumb

South Carolina, USA

Our family is deeply saddened by the demise of Gurudev Acharya Shri Mahapragyahi. His devotion to Jainism and leadership for the community has inspired thousands, including our family of five. Though we have spent the last 25 years in the US, the guidance of Acharyashri from afar was instrumental in keeping us spiritually grounded. During our trips home, we learned much from the camps and pravachans that he gave. His support of Shramnijis and Shramanjis has allowed us to gain further knowledge by interactions here. Our children have benefited from his darshan and teachings which will play out in their future and in our posterity. We will sincerely miss the most prolific and inspirational Acharyashri.

59 Dr. Sohan Raj Tater
The sad news of the demise of Acharya Mahapragya ji gave a great shock to me. We have not only lost an eminent Jain Philosopher and great scholar, but also the tenth Acharya, supreme head of Jain Swetambra Terapanth group. He had travelled more than 100,000 km on foot covering more than 10,000 villages, spreading the message of harmony and peace among all people of the society. During these travels, he addressed thousands of public meetings.
He has enlightened the whole world by his profound knowledge, his intuitive insight and wisdom. I pray for the emancipation of Acharyashri's soul.
58 Trupti Traudel Pandya
Berlin, Germany
Acharya Shri Mahapragya during his life spread the message of Ahimsa and peace through the world. It is a great loss not only for the Terapanth community. He always will continue to live through his teachings and students; even he is not anymore bodily in the world.
57 Sanjeev Bothra
Shivani Bothra
Jaipur, India
We left for Sardarshahar soon after we got the confirmed news at 3:00 PM on 9th May. The location where we did the last Darshan was jam-packed. The past close interactions with Acharya Mahapragya acted like flood on the swirling emotions. The Mantra - Anando mein varshati varshati - given by Acharya Mahapragya gives us strength in this most difficult time. Going to miss our Maha Guru in person.

Last Darshan of Maha Guru

56 Swami Dharmananda
Nirmala Jain
Dehli, India

We were deeply shocked when somebody told about the passing away of H.H. Acharya Mahapragya at about 3,30 P M. We did not believe and tried to contact Sardarshahar but could not get in touch with any person from there. In the mean time we got the same massage from some more persons and felt drowned in deep sorrow to have to this unbelievable news. Sri Nagaraj Dugar’s phoned that he was going to Sardarshahar and can take Samaniji who staying at Sadhana Kendra and me to there. We immediately agreed as we want to have last darshan of the body, which will also disappear as His soul. We reached Sardarshahar at 1 A. M. and straight went the place where His body was kept. We stood near the body and paid our homage to the departed Soul.
During the night I had all the sweet memories of my forty years service with Him. I had felt that He was a great enlightened and self–realized saint and had ATINDRYA GYANA confirmed by H.H. Gurudev Acharya Tulsi also. Whenever I had the opportunity to sit before him all my spiritual problems were solved without putting them to him. He had rediscovered the Jain System of Meditation gave the name Preksha Meditation which was lost and had trained monks, Nuns, Samaniji and householder like me.
He was a great philosopher and spiritual person and had written about 300 books on His credit. Thousands of persons had got inspiration from his books and Sermons on Sanskar TV. During the first decade of this Two thousand twenty one centaury he had shown the path of Non-Violence and Peace to the whole world by undertaking the AHIMSA YATRA.
He was not only respected by Jains but had been respected by all walks of people including the great personalities of all the political parties. A great void has been created by His passing way. I had worked in the direction to fulfill his mission in my life and resolve to continue the same till my death.He had left behind Him a great tradition. He has given us a strong spiritual and a dedicated saint Acharya Mahashraman to lead us. It will be a real homage to Him that we try to see Mahapragya in Mahashraman.


Mahendra K.Shah
Guntur, India

A great loss to Jain community & whole world also. We all deeply regret & hope - let him guide us from the Swarg. Deep condolences to all.

Dr. Sheel Chand Jain
Delhi, India

The demise of Acharya Shri Mahapragya Ji caused an irreversible loss to the whole humanity. A great saint and philosopher who gave a new dimension to the Anuvart movement. It is my good luck to meet him once at Pali. I have read many books written by him. I am following Anuvart principles in my daily life to the extent possible for me. His teachings will continue to inspire many generations to come.
53 Mohan Lal & Premlata Chororia

No word of Dictionary can express the rude shock and loss on the Devlok gaman of Acharya Mahapragya.
Acharya Mahapragya was not merely a Person but also a Purpose, not just a Being but also a Belief. He was that perception which could not be bound by Time or Territory. He was not a reservoir of wisdom but its very fountain-source. The former may not always have fresh and clean water, which the later i.e. the source would always possess. Such a source alone has the capacity to quench the thirst of innumerable persons. Paradoxically, Acharya Mahapragya had acquired the power of not only quenching but also creating such thirst in the people.
His depths of spiritualism, supplied us with many an invaluable jewel. While adding lustre, prestige and glow to the Terapanth sect, through his sustained efforts, he also served as a beacon to the human mind engulfed in countless problems.
His poetry was illuminated by the divine light of life's philosophy. He was a blossomed rose of inner refinement whose fragrance pervaded not only through his verses but also the spoken word. The crowds, which regularly thronged around him, were enthralled and got peace in his presence as he was also in peace with himself.
Mahapragya's favourite topic was mind. Mahapragya's advice was that instead of functioning like the slipping and flowing water, one's mind should be solidified like ice and should remain so, as if kept in a refrigerator.
He was the creator of new perceptions. He was the blending artist of heart and wisdom on one hand and thought and action, on the other.

52 Dilip Kumar Maroti,
Kolkata, India
The news about sudden demise of our Gurudev Acharya Sri Mahapragyaji shocked all of us. He was not only a great philosopher but was a messenger of truth & peace in the society. He was a source of strength and inspiration among youth and his confidence about youth was really remarkable.
His pioneering work is marking ‘Jain Dharma’ as ‘Jan Dharma’ will always remember in whole world with due respect. He was such an unmatchable personality that it would be very difficult for us to fill the gap.
51 Gurudev Chitrabhanu,
New York City, USA
Acharya Shri Mahapragya was a man of conviction. His openness has unlocked many hearts to embrace Ahinsa in their way of thinking and living.
He lived a full life of 90 years, practicing and preaching the philosophy of Ahinsa. Who can forget his Ahinsa Yatra?
Physically he is no more but he is spiritually alive in many ways. He is alive in hearts of people whom he has inspired.
He has journeyed on the wings of love and light.

Shri Srichand Choraria
Tamkor/Kolkata, India

His kind of saint is born once in an era. He was a living legend of spirituality, a critical and rational thinker, a learned scholar, prolific writer, great orator, an inspirational teacher and a yogi, a great spiritual leader and a noble saint.
He was a great inspiration factor along with Acharya Shri Tulsi for me. It was their motivation that I could study Sanskrit, Prakrit, Jain Agamas, Shwetamber and Digambar literature and was able to prepare Cyclopeaedias of Leshya, Kriya, Yoga, Pudgala, life of Vardhman Mahavira, Dhyan Kosh (in print). Acharya Shri Tulsi and Acharya Shri Mahapragya have given their written blessings for each of my research work. It was with their blessings that I was able to perform my job as honorary editor of ‘JAIN BHARTI’ when it was being published from Kolkata.
During childhood he was closely attached with our family at Tamkore when greater part of his day was spent at our family home and the ground nearby. His unexpected demise is an irreparable loss for our Choraria family and everybody believing in human and moral values.
He was active up to his last breath and served the entire mankind with love and compassion. He will remain an inspiration for generations to come.
I am assured he is now on the way to moksha.

Sneh Choraria

Kolkata, India

It was really sad news that our H.H. Acharya Mahapragya has departed from us in an unexpected way. Although, I have met him twice in my livelihood of 20 years but I met once consciously but that time also I was not known to the meaning of Jainism, and other related things. But when I used to hear his preaching on the television, his words were enough to make me think.
I was desperate to go and do seva of him. I have always the thought in the mind how inspirational will he be when I will physically be in front of him, when he is so powerful and influential with his words virtually (in the television). His unexpected demise has created a great vacuum in the world. He will remain an inspiration for many generations to come. We know that we have taken birth and will have to face death one day, but He was the person who knew the purpose of taking birth. He directed his life on way for which one takes birth - the way of moksha. May his soul attain Moksha soon.



Prof. Dr. Klaus Bruhn
Berlin, Germany

His demise is a heavy blow for the Terapanth community, for the Jaina world in general, and for enlightened citizens in India and outside India. ACHARYA MAHAPRAJNA was an eminent scholar of Indian philosophy (Jaina logic), he had a deep insight into the practice of meditation (preksa meditation as initiated by him), and he impressed by his teachings and his personality a great circle of listeners. He was consecrated as the 10th Acharya of the Terapanth order in 1995 by his famous predecessor Acharya Tulsi. ACHARYA MAHAPRAJNA's great social and religious achievement was a seven-year journey (2001-2009) through vast parts of India where he tried to strengthen the power of non-violence and where he visited more than 2000 villages.
ACHARYA MAHAPRAJNA's Spiritualism and non-sectarian nature has always been a weighty element in the life of his country, and there is hope that his line of thought and deed will be continued by future Acharyas.
47 Dr. Tansukh J. Salgia
It is very sad news to receive of passing on of H.H. Acharya Shri   Mahapragyaji, the crusader of non-violence and peace. I never had any occasion to meet him, however I red many of his books which were written by him before he was appointed as chef pontiff of Terapanth sect. I always appreciated how much he has done for overseas Jains in establishing another class of Jain monk  named saman and sramani who has provided need services not only to Jains but all who ask for.  His scholarship will remain for ever. His teaching is applicable to all mankind. We will always pray for his pure soul to rest in peace and provide strength to all his fellow monks to bear this untimely loss. May God provide wisdom to new Acharya Mahasraman so that he can continue working for Jain unity throughout the world?

Surendra Kumar Choraria

Raipur, India

A Permanent Loss to Humanity. The demise of Acharya Shri Mahapragaya caused an irreversible loss to the humanity. He is a saint in true sense and his contribution to humanity is implausible. He lived and served the community for attaining peace and happiness as far as possible. We have lost a great Philosopher.

Ritu Choraria

Kolkata, India

Getting his type of saints are next to impossible. He was a great personality with rare combinations of Spirituality, Philosophy, Humanity and Leadership. His ideas and thoughts were too scientific to ignore it. That’s why He was also the path-finder to the whole world.
He helped in rediscovering Prekshya Dhyan - the lost meditation technique of Jainism, which helps in creating inner beauty. Jivan Vigyan, Ahmisa Yatra and other countless contributions will always inspire and guide the humanity.


His unexpected demise led to end of an era and created a vacuum in the world. He devoted his 8 decades for spreading the message of non-violence and for spiritual advancement of humanity. We will always found Him around us spiritually and He will be a guiding force forever. Although He has left his earthly abode, his great contribution to Jain ideology and the world will remain eternal.


Sushil Kumar Jain (Choraria)
Tamkor/Kolkata, India

The news of his untimely demise came as a great shock to our family. We are deeply saddened. A large vacuum has been created. I pray for his spiritual journey abode. May his soul get liberation from the bondage of karma and attain Moksha soon. I pray for myself to apply his teachings and experiments for spiritual development of my own soul.
I bow with folded hands - Om Namah Mahapragya Gurudevay Namah! 


Dipak C. Jain
Sapan Bafna

On behalf of the board of directors, executive committee and the advisory council of Jain Education and Research Foundation, we join Acharya Shri’s devotees all over the world, in offering our deepest condolence on his passing. Although it is little consolation at this sad time, it should be of some satisfaction that Acharya Shri lived a long, productive and impactful life - a life dedicated not only to Jain cause but for peace and upliftment of the entire humanity.
Acharya Shri’s greatness is evident in his teachings, the lives he touched and the legacy he left behind through his remarkable writing for the masses. The Jain community in USA is forever benefited by his foresight in sending Jain Samani’s to this distant shore and spread the message of Bhagwan Mahavir. His blessings and support helped us start the Bhagwan Mahavir professorship of Jain studies at Florida International University (FIU) in Miami, FL. 
We need to gather strength from Acharya Shri’s life from birth to passing away and commit to further his untiring support to the cause of Ahimsa and Anekantvad. We will strive, irrespective of our sect or religion, to follow the ideals he set for us.
May his soul continue to shower blessings to this world.
42 Dr. Nathan Katz
Please accept my condolences on the mahasamadhi of Ven. Acharya Mahapragya. He was, no doubt, one of the great religious teachers of our time. I have benefitted from reading his books, and was looking forward to meeting him later this year in Ladnun. At this sad moment, let us rededicate ourselves to bringing his message of peace, equanimity and pluralism to university students in the western world.
41 Dr. Kirti Jain
Dear friends of Jain Education And Research Foundation,
It was indeed saddening to learn of Acharya Mahapragyaji's departure from this world. Acharya Shri may have left his nashwar body for his heavenly abode but he would always remain amongst us.
An amazing 80 years of continuous service and contribution to humanity--out of nearly 90 years of life is a rare feat that only truly enlightened souls can achieve. A master of many languages (Sanskrit, Hindi, Prakrit), a leader of unmatched vision (Anuvrat movement, JVB, FUREC), a constant innovator (Preksha meditation, Saman/Samani pratha), a prolific writer (200+ books on a variety of topics), a deep thinker (his work on Anekaantvad), a monumental researcher (research and translation of Agams)---and yet simplest of human beings---he was a true legend, and would remain so.
I have little doubt that Lord Mahavir's teachings, that Acharya Shri spent his life propagating, will remain the guiding light for generations to come. On this occasion, we all should re-commit to the goals of the Foundation, especially to make sure that the next generation is not deprived of the wisdom of Jainism. Jai Jinendra
40 Dr. Balaji Ganorkar
New Dehli, India
The great departure of Rev. Saint Acharya Mahaprajnaji is a biggest loss of 21st Century for the whole India along with the modern World which is full of unrest, violent activities, threat of nuclear war and terrorism etc. We lost one more great Saint after Mahatma Gandhiji.

Vikram Jain

We lost the precious thing that we will never get it again.
38 Ritu S. Jain (Choraria)
Raipur, India
The demise of Acharya Shri Mahapragaya caused an irreparable loss to the humanity. As every body knows, he is a saint in true sense and his contribution to humanity is incredible. I learned the essence of Jainism from him only. I have read many publications of his, which have taken me towards the world of spirituality. I am really impressed with his view on “Karma”.
When I heard this news, the feeling that struck me at that point of time was that everybody has to go one day and that day will also come in my life. Let us make a promise with ourselves to live our rest of life in the manner he lived and serve the community for attaining peace and happiness as far as possible.
37 Jayant Shah

Jain Center of South Florida - Weston-Fort Lauderdale, USA
On behalf of Jain Center of South Florida’s Jain community we are very sorry to learn news about passed away (kaal-Dharma) of Acharya Shri Mhapragyaji on May 9, 2010. He was a living legend of spirituality. His contribution to Jain philosophy and realization of Ahimsa in daily life was path breaking.
His numerous teachings and writings are for all of us extremely precious.
Soul being eternal, naturally Jains believe in reincarnation. For Jains, it is the Soul, more precisely the state of purification and development of the Soul, which is responsible for those aspects of the person to which we are attracted for example, the pleasant personality, the happiness, one of the best scholar of our time, Acharya Shri Mahapragyaji might have gone from this earth but spiritually he will be with us for a generation to come.
36 Ignatius Xavier
Secunderabad, AP, India
I am not surprised or saddened on the demise of Acharya Mahapragya. Since, I have met him personally several times in my life. He is a AHIMSA LEGEND, his testimony and advice on Ahimsa Parmodarma will never DIE, his instructions will be translated into action among the Students, Youth and Citizens irrespective of religion and the future world will enjoy the fruits of Ahimsa.
35 Lalit Garg
Delhi, India
Sound technical understanding of various Jain and Vedic literature and philosophy and nicely derived linkage with human life well being led him in most sacred and holy place in spirituality. Ahimsa Yatra was one of most precious means derived by him to enhance human relationships, peace and prosperity. The great philosophical icon also wrote hundreds of books on Jainism, Happy Family, Spirituality, Happy Living, and alike lively subjects with descriptive and clear concepts presentation and application of basis of philosophy and values led down in Jainism on these aspects. He took Terapanth community and followers to all new global heights and was conferred with many international, national awards for spreading peace and harmony. This approach and presentation method associated and attracted many international and national philosophers, leaders and spirituality heads associating with him on presenting, resolving and taking spirituality ahead in global arena.
Acharya Mahapragyaji Passes Away - Jainism’s Legendary Era Ends
34 Pratik Bhansali

There are some fortunate people in this world who understand the meaning and purpose of life, and there are still few who begin to live and implement the purpose of life, there are only a very few who understand and implement all these virtues to practice at a very young age and as they move ahead they share this great message of truth with everyone around them.
I have not seen God, but am very sure that if i were to see him, he would look very similar to Acharya Mahapragya, Very sincerely pray that he succeeds in his journey, and all of us learn and try to understand what life means, what sacrifice means and what self-control means. We need to understand that there lies immense power within us and we need to nurture that power for the goodness of society and our soul.
Mein dono haath joodh ke mere guru ko pure dil se naman karta hoon. Jai Mahapragya, Jai Bhikshu
33 Prakash Chand Maloo
Kolkata, India
It is with great shock and deep sorrow, I heard the sad news of Mahaprayan (Nirvana) of H.H.Acharya Sri Mahapragyaji. Although He has left His earthly abode, His great contribution to Jain ideology and Terapanth Dharmasangha will remain immortal. Prekshyadhyan, Jivan vigyan, Ahmisa Yatra and countless other unforgettable contributions will always inspire and guide each and every human being in general and Terapanthi / Jain in particular. We have lost a great personality with rare combinations of Spirituality, Philosophy, humanity and leadership who devoted his 8 decades for spreading the message of non-violence and for spiritual advancement of humanity. I am sure, we will always found Him around us spiritually and He will be a guiding force forever.
32 Smita Shah
Leicester, Jain Samaj Europe via JVB Houston
Om Arham. I am and the leicester jain community is very sad to hear the news of Mahaprayagi today.
May his soul rise to heaven and beyond. Will keep it short but our feelings of loss are deep. Jai Jinendra
31 Naveen Jain
via JVB Houston
So sorry to hear about this sad news. Thank you for sharing this information. May god give peace to his soul.
30 Ghanshyam & Shakun Srivastava
via JVB Houston
We are very sorry to hear that Acharya Mahapragyaji is not with us any more but we are very thankful to have his teachings with us. May his soul rest in peace.
29 Manish Modi
Mumbai, India

I bow in obeisance to his memory. I am deeply saddened by his departure. Even though Acarya Shri's work will remain with us, the perfume of his presence has gone. [Read more:]

28 Prem Bafana

It is with great shock that I learn of this sad news. H.H. Acharya Mahapragya has left this earthly abode, but spiritually he is still alive and will always be in our heart and will always be there to guide us.... Recently I received his blessings when I met him at Sri Dungargarh. He was a saint with very much simplicity. When I met him I was so happy. He gave blessings in a way I will never forget.
It is with a great sadness I learn Acharya Mahaprajna's death. He will leave a splendid exemple of Jain faith....... But this great men's contributions to mankind and knowledge will last for ever.
27 Dr. Surendra Singh Pokharna

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Param Pujayaniya Aacharay Shri Mahapragnya’s news of Devlok gaman has come as a rude shock, because just few days before only, he announced that Chaturmas of 2014 will be in Ladnun. I was almost in tears. I met him many times and was completely mesmerized by his simplicity and great intellect. As a scientist I feel that his greatest contribution will be his books which are absolutely top. I have read 4-5 books and the way he has given new insight, modern interpretation and new vision to the Jain philosophy will be remembered for coming centuries. When domination of English language is increasing in our day to life. His books in Hindi provide fresh air and calm thoughts. I don’t have any doubt to say that Jain religion and spirituality can be better understood only when we read great books written in Hindi by such great Aacharyas. The practical and implementable meaning of Jainism has helped me in better understanding and even solving my personal problems. Another most important contribution of him will be his Ahimsa Yatra and his approaches to unite all sects of Jainism.
26 Panchi Jain

New Delhi, India
With the demise of H.H. Acharya Mahapragya ji there is the end of an era. We should remember his teaching and work towards mankind.
25 Paulo Roberto Soukup
A whole life devoted to spread non-violence and peace. May He have some now.
24 Sunil Pipada

Indore, India
Acharya Mahapragya is no more. In his passing we have lost a great spiritual leader, a noble saint, a learned scholar, and an inspirational teacher. He became a Jain monk at the age of eleven and lived as a monastic for the next eight decades of his life, dedicating himself to his own spiritual growth, and to spiritual advancement of humanity. He had a full life during which he authored scores of books and hundreds of articles, and bhajans. He was a philosopher who had mastered the wisdom of Jain Agams. He embodied the principle of ahimsa and underscored not only its spiritual significance but also made it socially relevant. He constantly sought to create social harmony bringing communities together. Acharya Mahapragya will continue to inspire humanity with his message of making ahimsa a living code of ethics--as a way of life, and as the only way of life.
23 Kamlesh Jain

I am speechless to say anything with regard to His Holiness Acharya Shri. Eight decades of devotion to society at large for spreading Yoga, Science of Living, Agam translation, Non-violence and numerous other activities. I am really surprised to see the power of a human body when I relook at his work. We read "Ananta Shakti" as a part of Pure soul but we have seen the same in Acharya Shri.
22 Hanuman Bengani

Kolkata, India
This is a big loss to entire humanity. He was an original thinker and was never limited to jain community. His thoughts used to transcend the boundaries set by narrow religion as most of us perceive. I do hope his thoughts will continue to inspire people to think above narrow religions and provide true service to mankind.
21 Rahul Hirawat
Kolkata, India

One is deeply sorry to hear of the same demise of Acharya Shri Mahapragya, at Sardarshaher. He was truly ecumenical in his approach and one of the most learned Jain seers in the world. I bow in obeisance to his memory and offer my condolences to the entire Jain Sangh. Even though Acharya Shri's work will remain with us, the perfume of his presence has gone. [Read more:]

20 Anand Jain

British Columbia, Canada
Jain Society of British Columbia, Canada is saddened by he passing of revered Acharya Mahaprgyaji and wish that we follow his teachings in our daily life.
19 Dr. Sulekh Chand Jain
Houston, Texas, USA
We are saddened to hear of the devlok gaman of Acharya  Shree Mahapragya Ji today. 
Acharya Shree was one of the great Acharyas of Jain Sangh. He was a giant among giants. Acharya Ji  was a critical and rational thinker, prolific writer, great orator, an inspirer and a yogi. He was active up to his last breath and served the entire mankind with love and compassion. He will remain an inspiration for many generations to come.
18 Prof. Dr. Krishna A. Gosavi,
Dr. Vijaya Gosavi

We, the devote disciple of Acharaya Mahapragyaji are very much grieved to hear this news. May his message and teaching of Anekanta remain with us for ever and his memories.
17 Dr. Shugan Chand Jain
New Delhi, India
I have met Acarya MahaPragyaji several times during my studies and conduct of International School for Jain studies. He was indeed the torch bearer of jain principles of ahinsa Aparigraha and Anekanta to the world. He was always willing to guide and assist any one like me to get his guidance and blessings to take these messages to the world.
Indeed we the Jains and the Jain institutions engaged in disseminating Jain principles have lost  their guide. My sincere prayers and respects to this great Jain saint.
I am sure his successor Acarya Mahashramanji will continue to guide us in this mission.
16 Naresh Jain

Rutherford, NJ, USA
I am extremely sad to note the passing away of His Holiness Acharya Shri Mahapragya Ji.  His contribution to bring the teachings of Jainism to the world was enormous.  I and Samanijis had carried  his message of peace and nonviolence to the Parliament of the World's Religions in Barcelona, Spain, in 2004.  Samanijis and Anuvibha representatives furthered his work of peace in Melbourne, Australia, last December.   He will be missed as an embodiment of Ahimsa. 
15 Lalith Jain
Infiniti Fze
its so sad to hear this news. the best tribute we can do is to do more to spread preksha dyhan. you are already doing a lot. i have to start now. may be i left it for too late to begin even though i was thinking to do more for the samaj for so long.
14 Mahima Bokariya
Surat, India
Sun sets in afternoon - demise of Acharya Mahapragya. What an unfortunate I’m today while writing a demise news of person whose discourse I’m translating from past many years. Daily morning, I had mail having picture of Acharya Shri & Yuvacharya Shri with morning discourse. I sheered of thinking that this astonishing couple will not been seen together.
Today as a clock forms right angle with 12 & 3 in afternoon, mobile rang & word strikes- sun has set in noon, Acharya Mahapragya's journey has paused. For a moment, globe becomes black hole, tears roll out on an ever ever unexpected unwanted news. Just after being conscious, I did 4 time recitation of Logass as per custom to pay homage 2 soul. It is proverb that living monk is worth million & after death it is 1.25 million worthy as he has reached more closure to his final destination of salvation.
Though our hearts are full of pain & sorrow, but somewhere deep inside there is feeling that Acharya Mahapragya has closer to his ultimate aim for which he had accepted the monkhood 80 years ago.
Glorified salute to lively monkhood. A peaceful bow to enlighten soul. He has started his new journey & millions like me are on the way to Sardarsahar to pay homage to his mortal body.
13 Bipin Sheth

on behalf of JVB London, UK

I like to say on the behalf of everyone from JVB London, that our Prayers and thoughts are with all the Samanijis. H.H. Acharya Mahapragya has left this earthly abode, but spiritually he is still alive and will always be in our heart and will always be there to guide us.

Soul is my god.
Renunciation is my prayer.
Amity is my devotion.
Self restraint is my strength.
Non-violence is my religion.

H.H. sent his Ambassadors of Samanijis throughout the world to spread his wwork for peace and non-violence and we will always be grateful to him. On December 2008 he got an Ahimsa Award from Institute of Jainology, London  and today Jainism is a well known religion throughout the world. I am truly indebted to H.H and very proud to be a Jain.

12 Dr. Tara Sethia
California, USA
Acharya Mahapragya is no more.  In his passing we have lost a great spiritual leader, a noble saint,  a learned scholar,  and an inspirational teacher.  He became a Jain monk at the age of eleven and lived as a monastic for the next eight decades of his life, dedicating himself to his own spiritual growth, and to spiritual advancement of humanity.  He had a full life during which he authored scores of books and hundreds of articles, and bhajans. He was  a philosopher who had mastered the wisdom of Jain Agams.  He embodied the principle of ahimsa and underscored not only  its spiritual significance but also made it socially relevant.  He constantly sought to create social harmony bringing communities together.  Acharya Mahapragya  will continue to inspire humanity with his message of making ahimsa a living code of ethics--as a way of life, and as the only way of life.
11 Paresh Jain

I have recently started reading his views on Jain philosophies and all I would say that we really lost a great saint and philosopher. He did contribute a lot in spreading the message of Lord Mahavira.
10 Satyesh Bhandari
With the sad demise of Acharya Shri Mahapragyaji, India and Jain samaj in particular has lost a great saint and social reformer. India will never forget his commendable services rendered in the past for so many years.
9 Ashok Rampuria
Bikaner, Raj. India

I have got the message on my mobile, immediately we started Namokar Mantra Japa. Recently I received his blessings when I met him at Sri Dungargarh. He was a saint with very much simplicity. When I met him I was so happy. He gave Mangalik and blessings in a way I will never forget.
8 Anil Dugar
Bangalore, India
We pray and wish all of us to get strength in this sad occasion. We also celebrate moksha yatra of our beloved Acharya Sri Mahapragya. Om Arham.

Rakesh K. Jain

We revere the saints and Acharyas of Jainism who have left for us treasure house of insights into the jain philosophy so that it could be understood by us and implemented in our lives-- lives of dharma and not of adharma--because jainism is a code of conduct of life our welfare and the welfare of all.
6 Pierre Paul Amiel
Nice, France
It is with a great sadness I learn Acharya Mahaprajna's death. He will leave a splendid exemple of Jaina faith. His numerous teachings and writtings are for all of us extremely precious. I am assured he is now on the way of moksha. All my wishes to his successor at the head of Terapantha sect in a long succession of jain leaders who devote their life to teach non-violence and tolerance. Long life to him!
5 Dr. Pankaj Jain
Denton, Texas, USA
As a young boy, I met Acharya Mahaprajna with Acharya Tulsi when they were in Pali, my birth place. I still vividly remember his simplicity and profundity. Recently, in 2006, with several other scholars from the USA, we visited Jain Vishwa Bharati, the Jain University in Ladnun, Rajasthan. Indeed, several of his innovative projects, like the University, the Preksha Dhyana meditation movement, the Ahimsa Yatra will indeed be remembered forever. Jainism has indeed lost its most prolific scholar, philosopher, saint, leader of our times.
4 Prof. Dr. Nalini Balbir
Paris, France
It is with great shock that I learn of this sad news. All Jain scholars can have only admiration and gratefulness for the immense work accomplished by Gurudev Acharya Shri Mahapragyaji. He belongs to the great tradition of Jain monk-scholars and has provided us with  many fundamental books. As a true teacher he has also encouraged several monks, nuns, samans and samanis to pursue on the path of learning. This is how so many important studies have been published by the Jain Vishva Bharati in recent years. One of the most recent I have in my hands is the translation of  Kundakunda's Samayasaara. I see it as a remarkable instance of Acharyaji's deep understanding of the tradition as well as of his openness of mind to modernity. The greatness of his personality and his charisma have been appreciated by all of us. 
After the sad demise of Muni Jambuvijayaji a few months ago, the Jain community and all friends of the Jains are once again in deep sorrow.But these great men's contributions to mankind and knowledge will last for ever.
3 Bal Patil
Mumbai, India
My family members and myself are greatly saddened to learn about the Nirvana of Acharya Shree Mahaprajna. It is indeed a coincidence that only today afternoon my wife Vimal and myself talked about the unforgettable religious contribution and inspiration provided by  Acharya Shree Mahaprajna. I shall always cherish a religious encounter-cum-discussion I was privileged to share with Acharyashri a few years ago in Mumbai when I discussed with him the Jain religion and Jain minority issue. I have always been  inspired by his guidance. Only recently published  ACHARYA MAHAPRAGYA'S APPEAL for National Jain Unity which I consider to be Magna Carta  for Jain unity and survival in 21st century.
2 Sushil Bafana
Kolkata, India
With heavy heart I confirm the shocking news. Tears rolled down from my eyes when I heard the sad news at 3 pm today.  It is the end of an era. H.H. was a great thinker and philosopher who cared for the welfare of the entire humanity. The world has lost a great personality who worked for peace and non-violence.
1 Editors HereNow4U
Berlin, Germany
H.H. Acharya Mahapragya today has left his earthly abode. He was a living legend of spirituality. His contribution to Jain philosophy and realisation of Ahimsa in daily life was pathbreaking. He was a port of hope in the eventful ocean of life for his disciples, followers, and students. 80 years of his nearly 90 years on earth he has fully dedicated to the service to humanity.
We will never forget the encounters with him. It was him who gave the spiritual names Karuna and Aparigraha to us. Areas of our hearts and minds were activated and strengthened we were not aware until we met him.
We will miss him in our life, but will try to realise his teachings in thoughts, speech, and actions.

President Pratibha Patil
Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi
Congress Leader Abhishek Singhvi

President Pratibha Patil condoled the death of Acharya Mahapragya calling it an "irreparable loss" to the whole of India. President called the 10th Acharya of the Jain Swetambar Terapanth group a "great sage and philosopher who gave a new direction to the Anuvrat movement and spread the message of peace and non-violence" across the country.

Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi - In a statement, she said, the passing away of the Acharya was not just an incalculable loss for the Jain community but also left a vacuum for Indian society. "He was a thinker of rare calibre, a personality with literary sensitivity, and a social guide". Paying rich tributes to the Jain sage, the Congress chief said, "All his life, he strove to cultivate and propagate those values without which human civilisation could not have been imagined." Recalling her personal dialogue with him, Sonia said the Acharya was a symbol of non-violence.

Congress leader Abhishek Singhvi termed him a "sage, savant, but above all, a philosopher whose spirituality transcended all religions".


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