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Insight - "Shemushi": [03] Change Of Direction

Published: 08.01.2009

Change Of Direction

A person hears to many things, but not all of them influence him. Sometimes, even a single sentence can change a person's life and guide him to the right direction. The change of direction can change the state of a person's mind. One who follows the right direction can achieve one's goal easily. The best path is the one that leads to the right direction.

A group of performers from a drama company arrived in a city. It was decided to hold the performance in the royal courfrat the announced time and Natee displayed her wonderful acting skills.

It was near the end of the night. People's eyes were still yearning to see more. The king, the prince, the princess and the common people- everyone wanted to see more. But everyone was miser. No one offered any gift to the performers. In the absence of such encouragement, the Nat and the Natee became very disappointed and the tired Natee sang - My beloved! I am so tired. I want to take a break from the performance.

Dear husband! You decide what to do.

With great affection, the senior Nata said -"Darling! Long hours have passed, now don't spoil. Be patient what remains of the show. The night is about to be over, don't be impatient now".

Among the audience, there was a sanyasu He got up from his seat, came forward with his Ratna kambal and offered it to the Natee. The prince also gave his golden earrings to the Nata, and the princess gave her precious necklace to the Natee as well. The king was stunned and the rest of the audience was left gasping in surprise.

The king asked the prince- "why did you offer such a gift without my permission"?

The prince replied- Oh king! I gave nothing to him, he has given me an insight. A thought came to my mind that I would kill the king and become king myself. I even had made the murder plan in my mind but the words of the actor: " Long hours have passed, now don't spoil what remains of the show" brought a change in my mind. I decided that I should not commit such a heinous crime as patricide having waited so long.

In the same way the princess replied, "Oh king, as you have never bothered about my marriage. I had ideas of eloping with the minister's son. But after listening to Nat's statement I changed my thoughts.

Likewise, the sanyasi zho said, Oh king! Even I was planning to go back to my home and give up asceticism but after listening to Nat's statement, my mind regained its stability in self-restraint.

It is righdy said- Stoking the fire makes it bum brighter. A teased snake raises its hood. Similarly a man often attains greatness when he is mentally provoked.

Edition: June, 2003

Publisher: Jain Vishva Bharati Ladnun

English Translation: Samani Mudit Pragya

Price: Rs. 50.00
Printed by: Shree Vardhaman Press

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