Digambar Terapanth

Published: 14.07.2011
Updated: 17.12.2012

Digamba.r Terapanth

Digambar Terapanth is a branch of Digambar Jain tradition and emerged in the 17th century in Jaipur region, contemporaneous with the Bispanth, as a movement against the domination of Bhattarakas. They opposed against worship of various minor gods and goddesses.

The Digambar Jains who have continued to follow older practices are termed Bispanth, but most Digambar Jains do not identify themselves as being exclusively Terapanth or Bispanth.

Previous, the Adhyatma movement among the Jains arose in 1626 CE (1683 in the Vikram Samvat calendar). Its leading proponent was Banarasidas of Agra.
Adhyatma groups flourished during 1644-1726 in Agra, Lahore and Multan. While the movement was based on the books written by Acharya Kundakunda, most of its followers were of Shvetambar sect. It represents an interaction of the Digambara and Shvetambar sects. Later it indirectly influenced the emergence of Terapanth. Poet Dyanatrai was associated with the Adhyatma movement.

The Digambar Terapanth order is not to be confused with the independent lineage of Shvetambar Terapanth.


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