Spiritual Challenges Of The Day

Published: 19.04.2006
Updated: 13.02.2008

Nowadays, man is living in the age of science. The chariot of era is coming with the higher achievements of science. Science of today has become the part and parcel of the life. It is indeed the need of the day. Nobody can deny its importance in the modern age. The world as it stands today is inconceivable without science. It has made a giant of man in knowledge but poor dwarf in essential human feelings and internal efficiencies.

Spirituality deals with human feeling and internal upliftment with the help of inner resources. So it is the need of time to coordinate science with spirituality. Mere materialistic progress is not sufficient. It is true, that man does not live by bread alone; he needs the food of spirit also. The materialistic progress and the mechanical development cannot reach the real aim of life. That is why Einstein, the great scientist of the past century, said, "I have searched till the matter only, I desire that if there is a rebirth, I will wish to know about myself, the knower." The great scientist also felt the need to synchronize science with spirituality. Science is necessary, but not the only necessity, because without peace and tranquility all is in vain.

There are two basic factors that sustain human life, spirituality and morality. Spirituality is an eternal value. Morality is the reality related to time and space. Spiritualism has its influence on all the time; it can never be avoid of morality. At present, even social beliefs tend to encourage immorality. The people occupying positions of power also indulge in such acts to protect that power. Thus corruption and immorality are pervading top to bottom. From leaders to layman, all have sunk in it deeply. The uncontrolled desires and selfishness are giving birth to the burning problems.

After entering in 21st century, the spiritual challenges are multiplying day by day. Spiritual values like tolerance, patience, self-confidence, self-restraint, emotional balance, self-analysis, love, brother-hood are neglected nowadays. It is crying need of the day to understand the relevance of them. If social order, vows and religion cannot leave any impact on human life, then it is imperative to bring about social awakening which is needed apparently.

It is evident that the advantage of the last century is wonderful. World has obtained too much success in the field of economics, industries, computer technology etc. Needless to say that the achievements hold water. Inspite of obtaining much, problems are still unsolved. Economic and industrial development and surfeit of consumer goods cannot reduce violence, crime, corruption etc. On the contrary, they can be instrumental for increasing them.

Sadhvishree Yogkshem Prabhaji

Violence, terrorism, secessionism, addictions to intoxicating substances are the challenging problems before the country. Lot of discussions is going on for the solution of these problems. But the signs of solutions are now here in sight. The reason is obvious. There are frantic efforts for the immediate solution but less attention is being paid to the root causes of them.

Among these problems violence and crime are two major problems we face today. In fact, violence existed also in the past. But it becomes a problem when there is no check on the emotions. The root cause of violence is attachment for material things. The deeper the attachment and instincts of possession, violence too would be more terrible. At the time violence gives birth to many crimes. One more factor behind it is the individual tendency to grab more and more, denying others their share. This exploitation is an important cause of it.

To prevent violence, training in non-violence is necessary. Training in non-violence (Ahimsa) means training in controlling emotions, practice for changing life style. This kind of training is the all time solution for violence. On this basis, Acharya Mahapragya, a contemporary spiritual personality has started efforts on the training in non-violence on international level. If the scheme is successfully implemented, then the sun of peaceful co-existence can shine with full brightness by dispelling the darkness of violence and cruelty.

In this cyber age, the remarkable development of science is seen evidently. After the cloning of cow, cat, goat etc. human cloning is also possible, but how to control the animal brain of human beings, how to change the secretions of hypothalamus, science has no answer. In spite of the extravagant researches of life on moon, mars etc. the life on Earth is not so happy. The world of today is full of tensions. Because of that a large number of psychological disorders arise which are leading to serious and grave health problems. Many psychosomatic diseases have snatched the happiness of man. The serious repercussions of such maladies need appropriate remedies. Spirituality can provide a unique medicine for them.

Though millions of dollars are being spent to carry out investigations for the causes of heart diseases, brain disorders, cancer, aids etc. but the results are still not satisfactory. The practice of Preksha Meditation has provided positively very interesting clues in this direction. Preksha Meditation is one of the greatest boons of His Holiness Acharya Mahaprajna with an appropriate spiritual and religious background. Practice of Preksha Meditation is an exercise in creating inner beauty. It is needed for a man to have inner attraction in change of heart or chemical change.

Thus Anuvrat, a code of conduct with small vows, Preksha Meditation, Science of Living (Jeevan Vigyan), the value oriented education and Ahimsa Samavay working for peace and non-violence, are nectar for the fainted values. On the platform of Ahimsa Samavay, the well-known Ahimsak thinkers and social reformers of various prestigious organizations from all around the globe, have participated faithfully.

I appeal to the world community to play a great role for the welfare of mankind.

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