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Speech of Acharya Shri Mahaprajna on the Conference 'Unity of Minds'

Published: 15.10.2003
Updated: 02.07.2015

The themes of awakening spiritual consciousness and development of moral values can serve as an universal platform for all religions; from this platform, all religions can proclaim the message of unity.

Harmony among sects
There need not be any problem with the fact that the platform for religious worship and devotion are different for each religion. The distance between religious traditions, however, may exist on the basis of rituals and customs. But if we emphasize freedom of thought and devotion to divinity then in spite of this distance, we can come closer, sit together on the platform of spirituality and morality, and work together. If we can develop this thought, then a new sun will rise over our world.

Why this need for moral values?
In the world of religion, moral values are not being given adequate importance. Therefore, even a religious man does not hesitate to indulge in evil deeds.
In the world of religion, spirituality is also not being given adequate importance. Therefore, the dream of human unity is not being realized and no refinement is evolving in human relationships.

Spiritualizing religion
Spirituality is the path of purity of consciousness. The awakening of a consciousness, that develops because of sublimation of attachment and aversion. This results in

1. Appeased mental states - experience of rea1 peace
2. Freedom from attachment to worldly pleasures
3. Compassion

These three are the prime outcomes of religion.
Only such a religion can be beneficial to man and society. To attain this, it is necessary to develop

1. Practice of concentration
2. Development of the power of strong resolve
3. Practice of restraining emotions

None of these three spiritual strengths are bound to any particular sect. Therefore, if endorsed by all religions, they can constitute the Universal Platform.

Spiritual-cum-scientific personalities
Our fundamental goal should be to develop a spiritual-cum-scientific personality. A mere spiritual person cannot present spiritual thoughts in contemporary language, cannot influence trends of the age. On the other hand, a mere scientific person can neither rise above the limitations of matter and come into contact with the consciousness nor can he offer solution to problems that crop up only because of anomaly in consciousness.
Only that person can be a truly spiritual one who has learnt to control his emotions. If even religious people do not practise control over their emotions, then it is indeed a matter for surprise. To control emotions, mere knowledge of philosophy is not enough. It is essential to know the rules governing emotions. In this context it is a1so important to know the scientific principles underlying physiology, psychology, bio-chemistry or endocrinology and other bodily-related sciences.
Violence is increasing these days. Its prime reason is volatile emotions. Without bringing about a balance between emotional equanimity and spiritual development, religions cannot be spiritualized nor can success be achieved in controlling violence. For the upliftment of humanity and for peaceful co-existence, it is very important to develop a system to control emotions.
The President's vision of 'India in 2020' is not based on1y on economic or business development. It can be realized on1y with the support of spiritual development. It becomes the immediate duty of religious leaders to devote their energies to bring about spiritual development.
I firmly believe that this dialogue between religious leaders and a spiritually inclined scientist President, will be successful in resolving many national problems. It will show the path for solving the problem of global peace.



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