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Published: 06.04.2005
Updated: 30.06.2015
Chit, Chitt, Citta

Sanskrit: mind[1], consciousness

In Jain philosophy, mental activity is differentiated from physical or muscular entity (which includes vocal activity or speech).

All the three are controlled by the non-physical entity 'citta' which is the psychic component of the soul animating the physical body including brain.

In Jainism chitta has many facets. The main structures are:

  1. Avarana Chitta (aspect of the covering envelope)
  2. Antaraya Chitta
  3. Mithyadarshan Chitta
  4. Moha Chitta

and their opposites:

  1. Varana Chitta (aspect of the uncovering envelope)
  2. Nirvighna Chitta
  3. Samyag-dharshan Chitta
  4. Veetaraga Chitta


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