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Vividha Tīrthakalpa: Pages I - XIV

Published: 10.01.2011

Singhi Jain Granthmālā

New Edition

Dedicated to Bābū Narendra Siṅha Siṅghī


Śrimat Dalchandjī Singhi

Father of Bābū Śrībahadur Siṇha Jī

Born 1922 Vikram (1865 CE) Died 1984 (1927 CE)

Pages I-XIV

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Vividha Tirthakalpa Of Jinaprabha Suri
"Guide to Various Pilgrimage Places"

Publisher: Siṅġhī Jaina Jñānapīṭha Series: Siṅghī Jaina granthamālā - granthāṅka 10

Written in Sanskrit.

Editor: Jina Vijaya 1st edition: 1934 Edition Notes:
Text in Sanskrit and Prakrit; Introduction in Hindi. Reprint 2010:
Prakrit Bharati Academy, Jaipur, India

HereNow4U Online Edition: 2011

Dr. Rudi Jansma

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