Insight - "Shemushi": [31] Discord-free Behaviour

Published: 23.02.2009

Discord-free Behaviour

Whenever people live together there is a possibility of some discord amongst some. Sometimes the discord can be settled amicably, at other times it may be difficult to do it. Group-heads that are judicious enough can resolve matters fair to both sides.

It is also important that people who argue also understand the futility of the argument. For truth and justice we need determination. At the same time when we live together on a daily basis, worrying about small things and fighting over them is redundant.

Once there were two Sadhus arguing over something, went to Bhikshu swami.

One of the monks told Bhikshu swami how the other monks had spilled water from his utensil, making a long trail of it.

The other monk on defending himself told Bhikshu swami that he did spill some water but the trail of water was shorter.

On hearing his disciple's talk like this, Bhikshu swami told them - both should compromise over the situation.

Neither of the disciples wanted to accept Bhikshu swami's statement. They did not want to compromise on the issue of spilling water.

After their continuous bickering, just Bhikshu swami suggested to them to take a rope and measure the length of the water trail.

Thus both disciples were embarrassed to put themselves in a situation, which was not needed. Now both of them realized the uselessness of their complaint and arguments and they left from there.

It is rightly said - we need to have peace in our thoughts and not be short tempered in our childhood and youth. This time the energy should be used in positive things. In old age it is easy to be even-tempered. One does not have the physical strength to fight.

Edition: June, 2003

Publisher: Jain Vishva Bharati Ladnun

English Translation: Samani Mudit Pragya

Price: Rs. 50.00
Printed by: Shree Vardhaman Press

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