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Insight - "Shemushi": [26] Non-attachment

Published: 08.02.2009


A monk has to give up worldly pleasures and has to be detached from people whether it is parents or other relatives. If he indulges or seeks comfort, be it physical or mental, he cannot be a monk.

Bhikshu swami's decision to be initiated was not taken warmly. His father's sister threatened to commit suicide.

Bhikshu was unmoved. He told his aunt that to talk about suicide and to commit it would be two different things. He had reached a stage of detachment and he tried to talk his aunt into non-attachment. Bhikshu's father had passed away a long time ago. His mother was not granting him permission to practice severe penances.

Raghuvar, a Jain Acharya spoke to Bhikshu's  mother, and tried to convince her to let Bhikshu be a monk.

Bhikshu's mother told Raghuvar that she was convinced, her son would be a king since when she was expecting him, she saw a mighty lion in her dream. So her son Bhikshu would only be a king. To this Raghuvar replied that monk-hood is greater than kingship. When he becomes a monk he will be like a mighty lion whose works will roar forever in the world.

On hearing this, Bhikshu's mother happily consented to let go of her son.

It is rightly said- 'me' and 'mine' blind everyone. Irrational behaviour cannot let a person think logically or rationally. So try not to place yourself first and do not always indulge yourself. This is the best way to conquer attachment.

Edition: June, 2003

Publisher: Jain Vishva Bharati Ladnun

English Translation: Samani Mudit Pragya

Price: Rs. 50.00
Printed by: Shree Vardhaman Press

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