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Ahimsa - The Science Of Peace: References

Published: 23.01.2009
Updated: 23.01.2009

The References

Altman, Nathaniel

Ahimsa (Dynamic Compassion)

Atmaramji (Punjabi), Upadhyaya

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Malvania, Dalsukh

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Nature Library (Life Books), Life Inc., New York.
Acharanga Sutra, A Jain Canon.


Prakrit Bharati Academy
D.R. MEHTA, Founder & Chief Patron

First edition: 1987
Second enlarged Edition May: 2004
Third Edition July: 2008

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  1. Acharanga
  2. Ahimsa
  3. Ahmedabad
  4. Atmaramji
  5. Bombay
  6. Darshan
  7. Delhi
  8. Gandhi
  9. Gujarat
  10. Jain Philosophy
  11. Jainacharya Shri Atmanand
  12. Jainism
  13. Jaipur
  14. Motilal Banarsidass
  15. Muni
  16. Nathaniel Altman
  17. Nyaya
  18. Prakrit
  19. Prakrit Bharati Academy
  20. Punjabi
  21. Sabha
  22. Samiti
  23. Sutra
  24. Tattva
  25. Tattvartha Sutra
  26. Upadhyaya
  27. Virchand Gandhi
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