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A Holistic Approach to Peace: The Role of Jain Nuns. Presentation at 2004 Parliament Of The World's Religions.

Published: 18.07.2004
Updated: 02.12.2010

a PowerPoint Presentation:

A Holistic Approach to Peace
The Role of Jain Nuns


  • The Jain Congregation
  • Objectives of Jainism
  • Jain Nuns: Role Model for Peace
  • Objectives of a Nun’s Life
  • Significance of a Nun’s Role for Society

Four-fold Religious Order

Objectives of Jainism

  • Conquer Inner Enemies
  • Achieve Omniscience with Perfect Qualities
  • Self-Realisation
  • Attain Liberation

Jain Nuns: Role Model for Peace

  • Non-Violence
  • Truth
  • Non-Stealing
  • Celibacy
  • Non-Possession
  • Self-Restraint
  • Self-Discipline
  • Renunciation
  • Detachment
  • Equanimity

Objectives of a Jain Nun’s Life

Practise thyself and show the path to others


Significance of Nun’s Role for Society

  • Application of Peace Principles
  • Reinforcement of Values
  • Promotion of Meditation, Prayer & Rituals
  • Training in Non-violence
  • Foster & Preserve Jain Culture & Way of Life
  • Proper pronunciation & meaning of Sutras
  • Correct understanding of Scriptures

How Can We Make Non-Violence
A Natural Human Instinct?

  • Sincere efforts to reduce violence in our life
  • Respect thoughts and beliefs of others
  • Settle disputes through peace and harmony
  • Endeavor to solve problems of injustice, illiteracy, exploitation, and poverty
  • Practice self-dependency, self-restraint, self-control and self-introspection

Respect Thoughts and Beliefs of Others

Nuns’ Training Centre at Ladnun, Rajasthan - India

Training for Initiation Mumukshu Sisters

Nuns in Morning Prayer

Reading of Scriptures

Inspection of All Belongings

Pratikraman Rituals (Self-Introspection)

Hand Sewing

Wooden Bowls being made by Hand

Eating Bowl inscribed with Jain Sutras

GOCHARI (Door to door food collection)

Washing Bowls and Clothes by Hand

Visiting a Hindu Temple

Meditation Training for School Children in Colchester (UK)

Samanis Teaching Jain Philosophy at University

Jain Prayer of Healing, Love & Non-Violence
at The Ohio Senate Chamber


You do not have to be a nun …

…or even a Jain …

… to take a holistic approach to peace …

The Holistic Approach to Peace

  • Respect the thoughts and beliefs of others
  • Preach the message of peace
  • Teach children from an early age
  • Make meditation and prayer a part of your daily life
  • Discipline your mind through training
  • Make time for daily self-introspection
  • Limit your use of the world’s resources
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  1. Celibacy
  2. Dharma
  3. Discipline
  4. Equanimity
  5. Gochari
  6. Jain Philosophy
  7. Jainism
  8. Ladnun
  9. Meditation
  10. Mumukshu
  11. Non-violence
  12. Pratikraman
  13. Rajasthan
  14. Samanis
  15. Sangha
  16. Violence
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