Ahimsa Yatra : Baradawal

Published: 11.05.2006
Updated: 02.07.2011

Baradawal, 11.05.2006

The Ahimsa Yatra, awakening the consciousness of non-violence and ethical values, reached the village Baradawal, where they stayed in Cambridge School. The school children greeted H.H. with a sweet song. The M.L.A. Sri Gavin Singh and the Principal also facilitated Him and the Yatris.

H.H. said, “Health is most important in life. There are two things to have good health, one is a balanced diet, and the other is a balanced mind. This should be taught to all students from the very beginning, that they should have good life along with the studies. The students should be taught to be free from intoxicants and to have control over anger. There are two methods to control it: Perception of Breathing and Kayotsarga (Deep Relaxation). Those who have learned how to breathe properly will result in good health and control of emotions and passions. These students will feel freshness and energy in them and live a better life with more pranic energy.


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