Ahimsa Yatra : Dhuri

Published: 12.05.2006
Updated: 02.07.2011

Dhuri, 12.05.2006

After Maryada Mahotsav, H.H. travelled three months in Punjab's villages, towns and cities, spreading the message of non-violence and peace. Again, he came to the town. The residents were feeling great pleasure. After the recitation of Mangal Mantra Namokar by Yuvacharyashree, the eldest worker Raghuvirchand Thanedar, Smt. Ishwari Devi and Vimaladevi facilated H.H.

Acharya Mahaprajna said, “Within the last three months, I was travelling about six hundred kilometres. Again, I come to Dhuri. The journey of life is long. To have unrestricted journey, the way should be good. Those who want to live in peace, for them the path of salvation is the best.

A cart man left the road and started on the ruff path to avoid the enter tax on his goods. He travelled the whole night in darkness, and in the morning, he found himself on the same post. That is why the path should be right one. There are three symbols of the right path of salvation, Right Perception, Right Knowledge and Right Conduct.”

H.H. stayed in Mr. Arun Jain's house who expressed his feelings by saying, “This day was the golden day of my life and I will never forget it.”


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