Ahimsa Yatra : Kuppakalan

Published: 21.03.2006
Updated: 02.07.2011
Kuppakalan, 21.03.2006

Ahimsa Yatra started from Gandhi Vidya School and stopped for half an hour on request of the Principal of Green Valley School. Jeevan Vigyan calendar and books were presented to the school.

Later, H.H. Acharyashree arrived at Kuppakalan Adishwardham where Sthanakvasi Acharya Vimal Muni and his monks and nuns felt great pleasure to have him there. Acharyashree said, “The word Adishwar refers to the great past. In that age, social management, the arts and architecture started, and the beginning is attached with our history.”

Acharya Mantung in his prayer to the Lord said that, “Like an oil lamp where there is no smoke, which does not require any wick and oil, and which cannot be destructed by any wind is the light of knowledge without senses, which is the highest knowledge. Knowledge got by the senses has got its limit. Total enlightenment is the knowledge without limit. Lord Rishabha has got Keval Gyan, total enlightenment. He gave us knowledge of soul, Karma, rebirth, bondage and salvation. Spiritual consciousness is attained when the bondage of attachment is shed away. All other things loose their values when only soul remains. We get the light and let our feet advance toward the light.”


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