Ahimsa Yatra : Ahamadagarha

Published: 19.03.2006
Updated: 02.07.2011

Ahamadgadh, 19.03.2006

A cordial reception and welcome was accorded to H.H. Acharyashree Mahaprajna and the Ahimsa Yatra at Ahamadagraha. The town was well decorated with banners and placards for welcome. People were happy to have Ahimsa Yatra and H.H. Acharya with them for two days. Thousands of citizens participated in the procession and were shouting slogans like, “Long Live Ahimsa Yatra!” Many ladies and girls carried a jar filled with water on their heads. The rally turned into a spiritual meeting when it reached Gandhi Vidya School. The Sub District Magistrate inaugurated a new block, which is named after Acharya Mahaprajna. H.H. Acharya Mahaprajna said in response to the cordial welcome, “Violence is recognized by cruelty and non-violence is recognized by compassion. One who is not compassionate cannot become a religious person, because it meaningless to be religious without compassion and morality. While travelling through the towns and villages, many people come to us looking good outside, but having many problems inside.

Somebody complained that his son has become alcoholic, some said business is not well, some complained about illness, we showed them the path of freedom from their problems. Violence is the main root of it. The emotion of violence gives birth to many diseases and problems. Negative thinking i.e. is one emotion of violence. If we want to live healthy, we have to follow the path of non-violence, which is a subtle philosophy. We should have cordial relations and live peacefully. For this we are on Ahimsa Yatra.

Religion is the highest auspicious symbol. If religion is not capable to relieve people from the sorrows of life, then a question mark is raised of its auspiciousness. Religion has no adjective. Man should not try to bind the sky and the truth. The person is real only when he has got love and compassion. We should think of how we can refine our behaviour to be better.

Religion can only be fruitful when it is practiced in day-to-day life. Religious persons should be aware of religion at all moments of their life. Religion should result in amity, compassion and non-violence. One who is charged with non-violence, cannot think wrong of others. Before seeing the faults of others, we should try to see our own faults. Persons who are angry and greedy cannot live happily. When persons become selfish, they ignore the welfare of others. It is important that persons with such negative attitudes change.

Ahamadgadh, 20.03.2006

On the second day of his stay in Ahamadgadh, H. H. Acharya Mahaprajna said in his sermon, “People pay respect to the path, to the insight and the protection of spirituality. Persons, who do not get the right path, become unhappy because of bad imaginations. Negative thinking always put persons into difficulties and positive thinking changes bad into good. To live with happiness and positive thinking, one should release the bondage of attachment and try to live in and accept one's limits. Persons having psychic attachment are always sounded by fear and worry about the safety of their wealth. Without attachment, there is no more fear.

The inner eyes should be opened to be able to see the realities of life. The path, which gives insight, also gives protection. Everyone should pray to find this path, to let his inner eyes open and to get protection. The person who takes this determination will not experience sufferings. This purpose will fulfil the taking birth and lead to the path of bliss.

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