Economics Of Mahavira: [03.10] Economics of Non-violence and Peace - Three Directives

Published: 20.01.2006
Updated: 06.08.2008

Production covers several elements. Modern economists have removed some factors from production. Dr. Seth and Dr. Marshall have dissociated prostitution from production. They did not accept it as productive labour. They considered it from the point of view of morality.
If we think from the point of view of Mahavira and Gandhiji, then several other things would be excluded from production.

With reference to production, Mahavira gave three directions:


Not to manufacture violent weapons


Not to assemble weapons


Not to impart training for sinful work and violence

The first directive is that the manufacture of violent weapons should be removed from the realm of production. A prerequisite of a devout society is that it does not manufacture weapons. Net alone manufacture, it should not even deal in violent and destructive arms.

But today the manufacture of weapons has become big business. Weapons worth millions, nay billions of dollars are being purchased and sold. In fact, there is a race in evidence in their production. In Modern Economics, the exploitation that is being talked about is due to free market. Weapons can be purchased anywhere you choose. Licensing has not been efficacious. In some countries, there is no need for a license at all.

The manufacture, sale and purchase of weapons cannot be carried out in a devout society.

The second set of activities associated with the production of weapons is connected with the assembly of components of weapons. The members of the devout society are not involved in the import and export of the components or assembling of weapon s either.

A third significant aspect is to abstain from propagating or preaching sinful actions. Even imparting training in violence and in martial arts is prohibited for a devout society; but look at today's scenario. Regular schools and institutions have been set up for promoting violence where training is imparted in terrorism, its minor and major techniques. Training is given how through terror the entire society and the nation could be subjugated.

In this context, the regulations prescribed by Mahavira for the devout society are very valuable from the point of view of economics of non-violence and peace.

  • Economics Of Mahavira by © Acharya Mahaprajna
  • Edited by Muni Dhananjay Kumar
  • Translated by Dr. S.R. Mohnot
  • Published by Jain Vishwa Bharti, University, Ladnun, India, 1st Edition 2000, 2nd Edition 2001

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