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Maryada Mahotsav - 143rd - (07) Ahimsa Yatra - 23rd Jan 2007

Published: 23.02.2007
Updated: 29.11.2012
143rd Maryada Mahotsava Logo

In India, we have a saying “mahajana gatah sa pantha” (the direction in which a great man heads is the right road). Dear readers, when that ‘great man’ is Acharyashri Mahaprajnaji, a follower of Acharya Bhiskhu and able successor of Acharya Tulsi, no wonder you get thousands of people trying to follow him on the ‘right road’

The heat and light coming from mid day sun was nearing it’s peak at 11:30 hrs. The hosts and guests of sun soaked Gangasahar were all set to witness the commencement of 143rd Maryada Mahotsav. His Holiness Acharyashri Mahaprajnaji, along with Yuvacharyashri and ahimsa yatra started from Terapanth Bhawan, Gangasahar at 11:30 am.

There were people, people and more people everywhere.

This was my first chance to walk with ahimsa yatra. It was indeed an honour. It gave me a sense of joy, fulfilment and belonging. I was thrilled to see all sorts of people walking – men, women and children.

Weak Knees?? No problem. With the help of walking stick I can take part in Ahimsa Yatra

Even toddlers and physically challenged people walked with much enthusiasm.

Ahimsa Yatra’s route to from Terapanth Bhawan to Acharya Tulsi Samadhi Sthal was via Mahaveer Chowk and Anuvrat Marg. On the route, creative people of Gangasahar had affixed 24 ‘dwars’ (welcome gates) showing inspirational one-liners. Number 24 signified 24 teerthankars. 24 dwars were appropriately named after 24 teerthankars and were placed in the same sequence as well.

Open Invitation to attend Diksha Samaroh in Bikaner on 28th Jan 2007

Large hoardings bearing humble invitations for forthcoming diksha samaroh (scheduled to take place at Bikaner on 28th Jan) were also seen prominently.

Housewives dropped whatever domestic chores they were attending, traders left behind their skills of buying and selling; all and sundry either walked with ahimsa yatra or lined both sides of the streets for darshan.

Kanyamandal Girls - hands in hands support for ahimsa yatra on 23rd Jan 2007

Kanya Mandal Girls formed a long queue and extended hands in hands support to each other.

Ladies of Mahila Mandal arranging Ahimsa Yatra procession on 23rd Jan 2007

Mahila Mandal ladies – dressed in colourful yellow saris walked in long line on the other side of streets and sang devotional songs.

Name says it - Acharya Tulsi Samadhi Sthal. To read what the blooming flowers say - one must visit the place.

Volunteers from all other terapanthi organizations and local/district level administration did their part. Amid loud chanting of spiritual slogans, the Ahimsa Yatra reached Acharya Tulsi Samadhi Sthal at 11:55 hrs.

Red Carpet Welcome by people of Gangasahar

The people of Gangasahar had rolled out a red carpet to welcome their guests.

Early Birds - anxiously waiting for programme to start - 23rd Jan 2007

While, Pujyapravars went to Samadhi Sthal for prayers and meditation, the main courtyard already had hundreds of people – so called early birds.

Dear readers, to learn what these early birds do when there is no one to address them at the stage, please do visit us again next week. In the meantime, let me wish you a perfect weekend.


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