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Published: 18.03.2006
Updated: 15.02.2008

Today every man desires to create a new universe. He does not like the present. The society in which he lives is not compatible with his thinking, so he is not comfortable in it. But a new universe and society can be formed only when a new mind is formed.

Psychologists say our mind is conditioned. It works on the basis of some established beliefs and set convictions - unless these are shattered, the construction of a new society is not possible. The human mind becomes fully developed, usually at the age of 15. In this stage, the power of lust is controllable. Today, we need to revamp and revolutionise the whole system. For that a psychological revolution is necessary for the construction of a new mind and to ‘uncondition' the mind.

Today, that part of the mind called the animal or primitive mind which is active. According to Jainism, the vegetative world is the basic and inexhaustible source of life. By definition it is known as Nigod (primitive form of life). Every creature, irrespective of whether half developed or fully developed, has its primitive source as Nigod. Every creature originally has the mind of vegetation in it. In Jainism, it is called Ogh Sangya. Modern psychology calls it a collective mind.

The animal mind produces greed, it is selfish. In turn, selfishness creates cruelty, which generates criminal tendency. Finally, the criminal inclination gives birth to addiction - a criminal takes to intoxication so that he may forget his inner Self and experience momentary peace. In the world, there is only one fundamental disease, greed. The rest are just its extensions. Our mind has actually been conditioned by greed. The whole thinking process hovers around that. Every man thinks of his self-interest only.

But the eternal conflict between the mill owner and the labourer is still alive. The question arises, “Is there any solution to this?” Mahavira said: “Do not deprive someone of his livelihood. This is a sinful tendency.” Do not destroy someone's livelihood. It means whatever is one's share, should be honestly given to one to safeguard one's livelihood. If you don't do it, then this is a transgression of the non-violence philosophy. One whose mind is reformed, will have relations based on reality.

Relationships are either subjective or objective. In subjective relations, reality is either totally absent or it is negligible. Truthful relations are based on reality. When the mill owner knows reality, he will say: “This much is not mine, I shall not take that which is not mine.” The labourer will also say, “This much is not my due, I shall not take it.” This realistic relationship is possible only when the mind is reformed.

Meditation is essential for purifying the mind. When we actually start knowing, perceiving within, then the ingrained beliefs are reformed. Those beliefs - the basis of life - start reforming. So the important thing is to reform belief or to destroy it. Beliefs are profusely abundant within. These have to be pushed out one by one. They get shattered only when their conditioning is shattered. The burden of beliefs carried by man is even more than the burden carried by a donkey.

Our vast human resources have remained frozen owing to so many wrong beliefs and socio-cultural injustices mainly in the form of the caste system and untouchability. All religions must now unite in waging an epic war against the abettors and perpetrators of these beliefs. A mind narrowed by such beliefs is hardly able to perceive the truth. The process of reforming life is meditation. It reforms the basic beliefs and the mind too will be reformed. A reformed mind transforms personality, which in turn reforms society. The construction of a new mind is essential for reform.

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