Jain Vidya (2): Arhat Vandana

Published: 02.01.2018

(Obeisance to the Adorables)

Vandana-Sutra (Precept of Obeisance)

1. Namo Arhantanam

I bow before the arhats, the adorables or enlightened ones (who are free from the fetters of attachment and aversion since they have destroyed their enemies i.e. anger, pride etc.)

Namo Siddhanam

I bow before the liberated souls.

Namo Ayariyanam

I bow before the acharyas (religious preceptors)

Namo Uvajjayanam

I bow before the spiritual teachers (who interpret and explain scriptural truths.)

Namo Loe Savva Sahunam

I bow before all the ascetics of the world.

Eso pancha namukaro, Savva Pavapanasano Mangalanam cha sawesim, Padhamam havai mangalam

This mahamantra of five salutations destroys all inauspicious karmas and is the most auspicious of all.

2. Je ya buddha aikkanta, je ya buddha anaagaya Santi tesim paitthanam, bhuyanam jagai jaha.

Peace is the basis of all the buddhas (enlightened beings) who have come into this world in the past and are likely to come in the future as this earth is the basis of all living beings.

Moksa-Sutra (Precepts of Liberation)

3. Se suyam cha me, ajjatthiyam cha me,

bandha-pamokkho tujjha ajjhatheva.

I have heard and have experienced that both bondage and liberation are inherent in your own conscience.

4. Purisa! tumameva tumam mittam, kim bahiya mittamichhasi

Oh Man! you alone are your friend,

then why do you search for a friend in outer world?

5. Purisa! attanameva abhinigijjha, evam dukkha pamokkhasi.

Oh Man! restrain yourself and you will be liberated from sufferings.

Ahimsa-Sutra (Precepts of Ahimsa)

6. Purisa! tumansi nam saccheva, jam hantavvam ti mannasi.

Oh Man! it is you yourself whom you believe slayable.

7. Savve paanaa na hantavva, esa dhamme dhuve, niie, saasae

No living being is the subject to be killed- this is permanent, perpetual and eternal religion.

Satya-Sutra (Precepts of Truth)

8. Purisa! sacchameva samabhijaanaahi

Man! you should know the truth only.

9. Saccham bhayavam

Truth alone is God.

10. Saccham loyammi saarabhuyam

Truth is the essence of the world.

11. Inameva niganttham paavayanam saccham

This preaching of unfettered ones (omniscient sermon) is true.

Apramad-Sutra (Precepts of Spiritual Alertness)

12. Utthie no pamaayae

When you are awakened, do not slip into remissness or spiritual lethargy.

13. Savvato pamatassa bhayam,

Savvato apamattassa natthi bhayam.

He who is remiss remain fearful from all sides. He who is alert remains free from the fear.

Saamya-Sutra (Precepts of Equanimaity)

14. Samaya dhammamudaahare muni

Lord has said that dharma lies in equanimity.

15. Labhaalabhe suhe-dukkhe,

jeevie-marane taha

Samo ninda-pasansasu,

taha manaavamanao.

Let us remain equanimous in all the moments of gain and loss, pleasure and pain, life and death, praise and condemnation, honour and dishonour.

16. Anissio iham loe, paraloe anissio

Vaasi chandanakappo ya, asane anasane tahaa

Remain unattached to the pleasures of this world and to those of the next world. We should remain in equanimity, whether cut by a chirp or worshipped with sandal wood and whether we get food or we do not.

Atma-Vijaya-Sutra (Precepts of Self-Conquest)

17. Appaa katta vikatta ya, duhana ya suhana ya Appaa mittamamittam cha, dupatthiya supatthio

The soul alone is responsible for good and bad conditions and the same is responsible for their elimination also. The soul that engages itself in righteous activities is the Mend and that which indulges in evil activities is our enemy.

18. Appaa nai veyarani, appa me koodasamali Appaa kamaduha dhenu, appa me nandanam vanam

The soul alone is the vaitarani (river of the hell). This alone is Koot Shalmali tree (A treacheorous tree in the hell). The soul alone is Kamadhenu (the divine cow that fulfills all our wishes) and the soul alone is Nandan vana (the divine garden).

19. Jo sahassam sahassanam, sangame dujjae jine Egam jinejja appanam, esa se paramo jao

Who conquers himself is the supreme victor than the one who conquers over a million warriors in a fierce battle.

Maitri-Sutra (Precepts of Friendship) Khamemi Savva Jeeve, Savve Jeevaa Khamantu me Mitti me savva bhuyesu, veram majjha na kenai

I forgive all living being and let all forgive me. I have friendship for all and enmity towards none.

Mangal-Sutra (Precepts of Auspiciousness) Arhanta Mangalam (Adorables are auspicious). Siddha Mangalam (Liberated souls are auspicious). Saahu Mangalam (Ascetics are auspicious and)

Kevali Pannatto Dhammo Mangalam (Dharma expounded by the omniscient beings is auspicious).

Arhanta Loguttama (Adorables are supreme in the world). Siddha Loguttama (Liberated are supreme in the world). Saahu Loguttama (Ascetics are supreme in the world).

Kevali Pannatto Dhammo Loguttamo (Dharma expounded by the omniscient beings is supreme in the world).

Arhante Saranam Pavajjami (I take refuge of adorable ones). Siddhe Saranam Pavajjami (I take refuge of liberated souls). Saahu Saranam Pavajjami (I take refuge of ascetics).

Kevali Pannattam Saranam Pavajjami (I take refuge of the dharma expounded by the omniscient beings).


(Obeisance to the Lord)

Bhaavabhini Vandana

Bhagavaana charano mein chadhaayein

Shuddha jyotirmaya-niramaya

Roopa apane aap paayein

We offer our devotional obeisance at the feet of the lord. May we attain pure, luminous and untainted state through ourselves.

1) Gyana se nija ko nihaare

drishti se nija ko nikhaarein

Aacharana ki urvaraa mein

lakshya taruvara lahalahaayein

May we perceive the self through right knowledge and purify ourselves with the right view. May the tree of our ultimate aim grow in the fertile soil of our right conduct.

2) Satya mein aasthaa achala ho,

chitta sanshaya se na chala ho

Siddha kara aatmaanushaashana

vijaya ka sangaana gaayein

May our faith in truth be firm and our minds remain unmoved by the doubts. May we achieve self- discipline and sing a song of victory.

3) Bindu bhi hum sindhu bhi hain,

bhakta bhi bhagavaan bhi hain

Chinna kara sab granthio ko,

supta cetana ko jagaayein

We are both a drop and the ocean too, a devotee and god too. May we remove all knots and awaken the unawakened consciousness.

4) Dharma hai samataa hamaaraa,

karma samataamaya hamaara

Saamyayogi bana hridaya mein

srota samataa kaa bahaayein

Our righteousness is equanimity and our action is equanimity. Becoming a practitioner of equanimity, may we show the stream of equanimity flow in our heart.

  1. Write anyone verse of arhat-vandana
  2. Complete the verse 'khamemi savva jeeve...'
  3. To which sutra the verse 'sachham loyammi saarabhuyam' belongs?
  4. Write the mangal sutra (auspicious precept) of Arhat Vandana.
  5. Write any two verses of Vandana.
Title: Jain Vidya (2)
Editor: Muni Sumermal (Sudarshan)
Translation: Dr. Samani Shashi Pragya
Publisher: Samana Sanskriti Sankaya, Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
20th Edition: 2013
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