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ICSJP ►S1 + S2 = P

Published: 13.12.2016
Updated: 14.12.2016

International Conference on Science and Jain Philosophy

"Agama Manishi", "Bahushrut" and "Preksha Pradhyapak", Prof. Muni Mahendra Kumar is a Jain monk and scholar who graduated and got initiated in 1957. He is a prolific writer, a translator and a critical editor of more than 60 books.

There is an old story of a blind man and a lame person. Both of them got arrested in a forest. Suddenly a fire broke out in the forest. Everyone started running away to save his/ her life. What a pity! The blind man could not understand where to go and the lame man, in spite of knowing the way out, could not run because of his disability. Both of them decided to join hands. The lame man sat on the shoulder of the blind person. The blind man started running while the lame man guided him. Both safely overcame the calamity. Probably, Albert Einstein, in this context had uttered-

"Religion without science is blind, Science without religion is lame." Let us equate SI with science S2 with spirituality and P with peace.
Then SI + S2 = P
The ICSJP is probably an unprecedented event both in the history of science as well as spirituality. The uision is: Science and Technology have played the prime role in bringing about an unprecedented development in the history of humankind. On the other hand, Spirituality, which, in itself, is spiritual science, has nurtured the human mind with the values like non- violence, compassion, forgiveness, self-discipline, universal love and friendliness and so on and so forth.

The major global problems that have raised their ugly heads have baffled not only the scientists but also the academicians, social scientists, psychologists, political stalwarts in International Relations and the most intellectual humans. All seem to be groping in the dark to find a way out. Probably, the situation is even worse than that faced by the blind man caught in the wildfire.

Jain philosophy, propounded by Bhagawan Mahavira, nearly 3 millennia ago, perhaps, holds the key to the solutions to the present day burning problems. Spirituality, in general, and spiritual doctrines and practices like meditation, yoga, penances etc, prescribed in Jainism, in particular, are found to affect positively the emotional brain, called the Limbic System, and as a result, it has been scientifically experimented and shown that the negative emotions like violence, cruelty, hatred, anger, fear etc, are amenable to undergo change.

If this is true, then let us allow the eminent scientists and the scholars working in research field of Jainism as well as spirituality in general to come on the same platform to deliberate over the topics such as

  1. Science and Spirituality
  2. Science, Society and Ethics
  3. Soul and consciousness
  4. Ecology and Environment
  5. Laws of Science & Laws of Karma etc.

Also, in spite of tremendous efforts made by the theoretical science including Microcosmology, Macrocosmology, Mathematics etc., the ultimate breakthrough is still to be made to define precisely the subtle aspects of the physical world, the psychical world, space, time, relatively etc. Hence, it is advisable to compare, contrast and correlate the doctrines, enunciated by Bhagawan Mahavira through his extra-sensory perception, with the hypothesis and probable models given by the modern scientists, and try to find out experimentally (both through sensory perception as well as by developing extra-sensory perception) the solutions to the most intricate problems concerning the ultimate nature of reality.

Above all, the threatening challenges like terrorism, global warming (or climate change), the chronic form of domestic violence, specially the one amongst the teenagers and the youngsters, the social, economic and racial disparity and so on and so forth, are to be addressed gallantly through blending Ancient Wisdom with Modern Science and Technology. This is what can be expressed as S1+ S2= P.


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