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The Quest for the Royal Road: Inefficiency is a Curse

Published: 02.03.2016

Man's consciousness of his self-interest can provoke him to indulge in wrong action. There are always excuses given for wrong actions. Strong people offer resistance, while the weak meekly succumb to them. This consciousness of self-interest can be seen as much among animals and birds as among human beings.

Many animals were drinking water on a river bank. Among them were a lion and a little sheep, both drinking water from a little distance. The lion saw the sheep and its mouth watered. Preparing the ground to attack it said, "Oh, you little sheep, just see how you have made this water dirty. This water has become defiled by the touch of your mouth."

Shrinking with fear the sheep said, "You are the king of the forest. What can I tell you? Still, let me tell you that water is flowing from your side, while I am standing at a lower level. How can the water be defiled by me flow towards you?"

Now that the lion's trick had not worked, it brought in another argument. "You had abused me in foul words a year ago. I shall now take revenge for it."

The little sheep said, "I cannot argue with you. But I was not even born one year ago. How would I have abused you?"

The lion was enraged that its argument had failed. "Are you not ashamed to answer back like that? If not you, your father abused me. Now you would have to face the punishment." And with that it pounced upon the little sheep.

The animals standing around saw that cruel killing, but not one of them protested. However, some animals felt that instead of making such false accusations, it would have been better if there had been a straight attack. But they too could not say anything.

The chain of charges and counter-charges create conflicts in society. In order to awaken social consciousness, it is necessary to become free from the atmosphere of doubtfulness. When man becomes free from such instinct by developing his introversive awareness, he would be able to assure safety and protection for himself and for society

People and society lacking in competence fall victims to other people's attempts to subdue them. Lack of competence is a curse. The individual who has acquired competence, which is free from violence and hatred, can march ahead under any circumstances with the help of his spiritual power. Those who are weak, live in constant fear like that little sheep and find themselves incompetent to stand up to immoral forces.


Title: The Quest for the Royal Road
Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Adarsh Sahitya Sangh
Edition: 2013
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