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Published: 29.04.2010
Updated: 30.11.2012


Sunday Lecture was about to start. The audience mainly consisted of people from the city and nearby.


Sadhvi shrees and Samani jis arrived.


Some of them were already seated on the stage awaiting H.H. Acharya Mahapragya and Yuvacharya Mahashraman. The audience was silent. It was a vivid and light silence. The majority in the audience had come to be in the presence of H.H. Acharya Mahapragya and wanted to listen to his sermon.


Yuvacharya shree entered the stage. Some young monks were escorting him.


He sat down and addressed the audience. When H.H. Acharyashree was anounced, all in the audience paid respect to H.H. and stood up. While H.H. approached, people shouted, "Vande, Guru, Varan!" Yuvacharyashree received him at the entrance and hand in hand they walked to their side-by-side seats.


After H.H. had given a sermon, Yuvacharyashree escorted him outwards and returned on stage.


Meanwhile the assembly dissolved, people talked with each other. Samani jis and Sadhvishrees rushed for Gochari.


People in front of the stage assembled, eager to address Yuvacharyashree.


On one side of the stage we also waited for exchanging some words with Yuvacharyashree.


HereNow4U Kolkata correspondent Sushil Bafana asked Yuvacharyashree to listen to me.


I was allowed to approach and from the bottom of my heart I expressed my gratefulness for all the spiritual guidance.


Being from another culture, I was not familiar with the correct approach to my revered teacher or his successor in India. But there were important factors making every encounter a very special one. The overwhelming vibrations of universal love radiating from the Guru and his disciples over bridged every feeling of shyness or being a stranger. One of the most important impacts of my visits to the Guru is the insight that nobody is a stranger to another human being. All feelings a human can generate, are more or less known to everyone. But it is important to work on their purity and to manage the own system in the right way. The saints are by example giving guidance what is the right way and inspiring to be aware also of the subtlest details in daily life.

This is practiced and can be experienced from every visitor. Not only visitors are treated with respect and tolerance, the members of the order treat each other alike. This does not mean they are smiling all the time. But they smile at everyone approaching them. They clearly communicate their happiness of meeting. This is catching. Caring for and respecting each other in a detached, not possesive way are naturally integrated in their daily routine. This has an impact on the visitor and is remembered after quite some time as far as I can say.


Yuvacharya Mahashraman ji gave his blessings, and to receive them was like walking in the air, gravity hardly seemed to have an effect. Perhaps it is interesting that the spiritual guidance was not expressed in words, but in the activation of the own spiritual energies while being in the auspicious presence. This does not sound very spectacular, nevertheless has sustainable aftermath on the management of the own system. Together with regular practice of Preksha Meditation the lasting process of transformation is initiated.

To report on the further ongoing events of this Sunday after this remarkable encounter is like jumping from one world to another. But this is exactly what we have to do every day, and what we should be aware of. We have the chance to live in two worlds, in the material and the in the immaterial world. Happy who knows this and uses the opportunity for living a holistic life in full energies.


Our friend and Kolkata correspondent Sushil Bafana took us for a short visit to family members.

A lot of planning was ahead of us for the rest of the day. But we had to cancel it, as we felt very, very tired. To be able to travel next morning to Jaipur, we had to relax and to recharge energies. We really felt very happy at Sri Dungargarh and are very grateful for all the love and care people there had showered on us.


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