24.01.2010 Last Day (1)

Published: 28.04.2010
Updated: 30.11.2012


The last day of our Sri Dungargarh stay was a Sunday, which really honoured its name. A pale, but clearly visible sun rose above the roofs of the desert town, displaying a similar pale and wide sky area. Such sky never is seen elsewhere. The sun yet was not able to give much warmth. January is the coldest month in Rajasthan.


Children enjoyed the morning drink together in their again empty street. They were astonished to be watched by strangers. Most of the visitors already had departed directly after the festival or during the last hours. The town was nearly as deserted as usual. No more traffic jam, no more come and go of people.Just sunday in the desert.


Animal families were crossing the road.


We were on our way to the location where the good quality meals for little rupees were served, hoping for some breakfast.


The gates were open, the guardian looked relaxed.


When we arrived, only a few people were taking breakfast here. We were told that this was the last day the location was opened and invited for the meal.


After breakfast we went for a walk and fixed some impressions of life on Sunday in a small desert town in the cold season.


This man was busy even on Sunday.


Shops also were open.


These two and the kids in the background were happy that still some visitors were present. They followed us to Oswal Panchayat Bhawan where we wanted to bid farewell from Samanijis.


Some of them were washing clothes.


I was very happy for the opportunity to talk with Samani Shukla Pragya who now is in New Jersey with Samani Sanmati Pragya. Samani Shukla Pragya to my great delight addressed me correctly in German language. She had participated in the German Language Course at JVBU Ladnun nearly three years ago. What memory power!


On our way back to Terapanth Bhawan we met some members of the Sethia family who also were on their farewell tour. So we continued to attend Sunday Morning Lecture.

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