27.01.2010 Jaipur (3) and Farewell

Published: 09.05.2010
Updated: 30.11.2012


On our way to Dr. Mahavir Raj Gelra next morning we passed the famous Shri Lakshmi Narajan Birla Tempel. We admired its beauty in the sunshine, and the pure whiteness of the fine marble. It was nearly unbelievable that two days ago we started for Jaipur in thick fog. Our Jaipur friends told us that fog is very rare in Jaipur. We enjoyed the clear light blue sky without a cloud. It was underlining the beauty of the building as if this was its only purpose.


Like us, Prof. Gelra intended to travel the next day. He was invited to participate in a scientist meet at Bangalore, Karnataka, "Scientific Development and our Responsibility" organised by Gyan Sagar Science Foundation Delhi. We were happy that the dates of the conference were compatible with our travel schedule, which was not so clear until the day before. We remembered our last meeting 2007/08 with Prof. Gelra and were happy to renew the relation. Our hosts Sanjeev Bothra and Shivani Bothra were accompanying us. It was also our last day together with them for certainly some time.


Prof. Gelra spoke about his latest book projects and was happy that he had succeeded in getting ready as many of his projects as intended. Even H.H. Acharya Mahapragya gave his blessings to the work of this eminent scholar. He still had to finish some papers for the conference, and so we took farewell and hope to see him next time. To talk with him is always inspiring. His way to express complicated scientific facts in an easy to understand way is like balm for the mind.



It was lunchtime and we hurried to meet with Mrs. Prem Bothra in a wonderful restaurant. The restaurant is frequented by many tourists and succeeds in convincing that quality standard in the times of globalisation are applicable everywhere.


It is always nice to be reminded to places one felt happy by a garment purchased there. I was really lucky for the opportunity, and showed my trophy to Smt. Bothra. Such dialogue surely might take place all over the world between women, and the expressions in the faces also. Even among Jain women not giving too much importance to such material things. But there are exceptions, see above.



The expressions on the faces of our hosts are talking on the atmosphere all of us enjoyed this afternoon. We had more nice talks, and then, suddenly, departure had to be prepared. Collecting of personal belongings, getting cloths from clothesline, storing of technical equipment - a not too small part - and finally sitting together after dinner and having the kind of talks one has before departing early morning. Wake-up time, how much time way to airport would take and the like. And always a little melancholic mood. Our friend Conrad would stay one more day as he had planned to travel by train to Goa.

Early next morning our friends delivered us very punctual at the airport. We underwent the usual treatment, security check, waiting at the gate, when suddenly someone asked, "Are you Karuna and Aparigraha?" We were more than astonished to be addressed this way at Jaipur airport. When we turned our heads, we saw the smiling faces of four Samanis and two gentlemen. They were about to depart for Kolkata and then would continue to Bubaneshwar in Orissa where they were awaited impatiently. The two gentlemen used the opportunity to attend Maryada Mahotsav and to accompany Samanijis to their destination in Orissa. Wow! What a finale for another unforgettable trip to spirituality in Rajasthan. Spirituality as understood in Jainism, monks, nuns, male and female lay followers, as if tied with an invisible bond together, everyone as an individual, but brother- and sisterly together on the path of Ahimsa, spreading the message of universal love and friendship.

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