22.01.2010 Maryada Mahotsav (4)

Published: 16.04.2010
Updated: 30.07.2015

Maryada Patra - Letter of Conduct



There was a movement towards the stage. Some lay followers came near and handed over two big picture frames to compeer Muni Mohjit Kumar and another Muni. The picture frames carefully were brought to H.H. Acharya Mahapragya and Yuvacharya Mahashraman.




H.H. Acharya Mahapragya and Yuvacharya Mahashraman looked at the portrait, and then Muni Mohjit Kumar and another monk turned it that everyone in the audience was able to see the picture. It was a wonderful portrait of Acharya Tulsi, flanked by a text. Acharya Tulsi had great influence on the formation of both, Acharya Mahapragya and Yuvacharya Mahashraman. Both of them visibly were very touched, but detached. For some minutes both of them meditated and closed their eyes without looking at each other or speaking a word. It was affecting. The audience witnessed in deep silence. When the photographers went to fix the moment with their cameras, silence was broken.




This was perfect to present the Letter of Conduct, Maryada Patra. H.H. Acharya Mahapragya started to read it to the gathering and gave some remarks on it.



Then he handed it over to Yuvacharya Mahashraman who stowed it. For another year it would be kept safe.



Then the monks and nuns got up for queuing. Now it was their turn to confirm their loyalty with the Rules the first Terapanth Acharya Bikshu had worked out. In a chorus they spoke the important words in public.


The saints went back to their seating places.


H.H. spoke some very kind words to his successor, and Yuvacharyashree very respectfully expressed his happiness thereon.


Meanwhile outside the thirst was quenched. Those who had a long journey ahead already prepared for it.


Slowly the gathering dissolved and with fresh energy people got back to the outer world with its traffic and sounds.

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