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Published: 21.04.2010
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Next morning we took breakfast at the location where low price, but good quality meals were offered during Maryada Mahotsav to Sadhaks. This area also had undergone a big change. It had been cleansed, and a solid stone floor had been constructed. A degenerating location had been changed into an appealing and proper location for taking meals. It was one of the many cooperative efforts in Sri Dungargarh. The whole town seemed totally changed, not only from the material, but also from the atmospheric angle. Before the big festival nobody even would have imagined that the small desert town would be able to welcome perfectly organised so many Saints and Sadhaks!


Many Sadhaks had left in the morning. Street life softly was changing. No more heavy traffic like the day before, only a few persons except the school children were visible in the street. We went back to Terapanth Bhawan and attended the last 30 minutes of Yuvacharya shree’s morning lecture, as we were asked to address the gathering. It was visible that most Sadhaks in the audience were inhabitants of Sri Dungargarh. The visitors were occupied with travel activities. Addressing the gathering in English language seemed not an adequate option. We used the opportunity for an encounter with Yuvacharyashree. Although in a hurry for Gochari, he spent some minutes with us.


Mrs. Bhandani jun. in her kitchen


Mr. Bhandani jun. on the roof terrace of his house

It was time for the lunch invitation at the Bhadani family’s newly constructed house in Sri Dungargarh. We had already met the day before, and were happy to renew our relations with this hospitable family. Before we had a very tasty lunch, our host Dilip Bhadani and his charming wife showed the beautiful details of their house.



The beautiful terrace offered a wide view into the perfect blue sky and on the town. Local craftsmen in the old fashioned way had done and still completed the construction work. To get the construction material to the location was like listening to some tale from the past. It was the intention of the owner to construct a traditionally solid house. He did not want poor quality of materials and labour. Therefore he preferred the old fashioned way and took residence with his wife in his hometown. Meanwhile his father and his brothers took over in Kolkata.



HereNow4U Kolkata correspondent Sushil Bafana and his wife Supyar are originating from Sri Dungargarh like our hosts, the Bhadani family. In Kolkata often they meet at divers events of the Terapanth community. To mark the occasion they also were present in the new house of their friends. We had a very nice time together and highly enjoyed to meet again.


Dilip Bhadani himself served lunch to us.


Thanks a lot to our wonderful hosts!



On our way to Terapanth Media Centre we met again with a friend of Sushil Bafana. He now was with his sister who had become Mumukshu.



People at Media centre really enjoyed our visit. For all of us it was wonderful to meet personally with people one had been in contact for quite some time to regularly send and publish news and who had received us so warmly.



Thank you so much for welcoming us so wonderfully!

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