Introduction To Jainism: The Higher Worlds

Published: 11.10.2008
Updated: 11.10.2008

The higher world, like the lower world, measures seven rajjus from top to bottom. As we see in Figure 5 the heavens are arranged in the shape of a column. There are 63 heavens, divided into four groups. In the very highest part, against the “roof” of the universe above the 63 heavens, is a region which “from below” looks like an inverted umbrella: siddhaloka, where the fully self-liberated beings abide. Siddhaloka is not a heaven, because it is elevated beyond every imperfect state of existence.

From the Middle World upwards there are respectively 16 (or 12, depending on the literary source) kalpa heavens, 9 graiveyaka, 9 anudiśa and 5 anuttara (= unsurpassable) heavens. The topmost heaven, just below Siddhaloka, is called Sarvārthasiddhi, “perfect in every aspiration.” The lowest group of 16 (or 12) heavens is usually divided into 8 (or 6) horizontal layers of pairs. The lowest two are situated only one hair’s breadth above the top of Meru.


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