Beyond Sustainable Economy: 12 ►Scientific Section: Use of Energy

Published: 23.08.2017

Content of this chapter


General introduction

If we would have listened to our great Preceptors

Our Energy Situation: To much by Too Many

Into:    A Dire Scenario

1- Civilization and energy

2- Energy and Power Supply

3- Chemical Non-Renewable Sources

Fossil fuels

  • coal
  • oil
  • gas
  • electric cars

Is there a future for fossil fuels?

Non-fossil chemical fuels

  • Biomass
  • Aparigraha in local energy use

4- Renewable Energy Sources

  • Introduction
  • Wind
  • Sun
  • Bio-energy
  • Human migration

5- Nuclear Power – The Friendliest of all?

Sources (for all articles)


Title: Beyond Sustainable Economy
Author: Dr. Rudi Jansma, Dr. Sushma Singhvi
Publisher: Prakrit Bharati Academy

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  1. Aparigraha
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