Beyond Sustainable Economy: Table of Contents [Book]

Published: 16.06.2017





1 Philosophy
Plato's Politeia on Non-possession Bhatnagar, Rajendraswaroop  15
Nonpossession  and Simplicity in Ethics and Lifestyle Chapple, Christopher Key  19
A Theosophical Understanding of Aparigraha Jansma, Rudi  25
Six Systems of Indian Philosophy on Non-possessiveness Singhvi, Sushma  37
Non-Vedic Philosophy Singhvi, Sushma  50
Marxism and Aparigraha Swaminathan, Srilata  59
2 Non-Indian and Ancient Cultures
Non-Attachment, Non-Grasping and Non-Possessiveness within Druidism Carr-Gomm, Philip  67
Treaty Oration, 1854 Seattle, Chief  72
Socrates and Glaucon on the Effects of Parigraha Plato  77
3 Religions
Aspects of Non-possessiveness in Vedic literature Singhvi, Sushma  83
The Rich & the Kingdom of God Jesus 87
The Simple Life within the Quaker Tradition Chapple, Christopher Key 89
Aparigraha in Islam Rakesh, Mushtaq Ahmed 91
Islamic justice Wase, Akhtarul 95
Contribution of Islam Towards a World Beyond Sustainable Development Cader, M. Muzzamil 96
Sikhism: Sangat and Pangat, Guru Nanak's view on Non-Possession Amrit Walia 107
Persian Zoroastrianism and Russian Vandalism [1] or: Greed versus Creed Blavatsky, Helena P. 112
Non Possession is a Religion Samani Aagam Prajña 118
4 Jain Philosophy
This Blessed Life Baid, Dr. Nirmal 125
A New Model of Non-Possessive and Nonviolent Lifestyle Gandhi, Sohan Lal 132
Non-possession in Jain Canonical Texts Shah, Kokila H. 143
The Deeper Religious Meaning of Aparigraha Shukla, Rajnish 146
Ancient and Modern Materialism versus Aparigraha Shah, Kantilal R.  151
Non-possession in Yoga and Jainism Shukla, Rajneesh  156
5 Psychology
Abraham Maslow Shailendra Mehta  161
Aparigrahavada in śravakācārya Jain, Sneh Rani  165
Death - A Celebration Jain, Prof. Priyadarsh  173
Hoarding - A Scientist's Perspective Sahal, Dinkar 178
A Biologist's Questions Sahal, Dinkar 181
Ethics and the bipolarity of consciousness Jansma, Rudi 187
Narcissus Surendra Bothara 191
Parigraha and Rebirth Rawat, Kirti Swaroop 197
Psychological Causes of Parigraha Shah, Kantilal R. 202
The Material Self Dalal, Ajit K. 206
6 Education
Aparigraha in School Education Jansma, Rudi 217
7 Sociology
Aparigraha Paramo Dharma Gandhi, Sohan Lal 225
A Social System Based on Aparigraha Jansma, Rudi 228
Aparigraha and Social Welfare Mehta, Geeta 235
Slow City: A New Road to Speed Aparigraha Mathur, Prof. P. C. 238
Juliet Schor on Contemporary Acquisitiveness Chapple, Christopher Key 241
8 Special People
Gandhian Jainism in Romania Anca, George 249
Constantin Brancusi: the Romanian Pioneer of Modernism Georgescu-Gorjan, Sorana 253
Ernst Friedrich Schumacher 1911-1977) Misra, Anju Dhadda 256
Henry David Thoreau Francione, Gary L. 258
Book review 'American Gandhi' Jansma, Rudi 265
Nani Palkhivala – A Tax Advocate Kothari, Justice Vineet 269
Swami Vivekananda Ashok Bapna 273
Catalin Mamali Anca, George 278
John Woolman – American Quaker (1720-1772) Chapple, Christopher Key 283
9 Economy
The Animal Instinct and the Human Spirit in Economy. Jansma, Rudi 289
Economics: Beyond Sustainable Economy Singhvi, Sushma 293
The Role of Islamic Finance in Achieving Sustainable Development Zarrouk Jamel E. 300
Energy and Goods - Aparigraha and Energy Ranka, Suresh 305
Aparigraha in Economics Ahuja, Kanta 308
Interrelationship of Aparigraha and Anekanta Agrawal, Paras Mal 316
Economy - Welfare Economics and Aparigraha Shah, Kantilal R. 322
10 Business Ethics
Business Ethics - Nonpossessiveness and Ethical Business Prasad, S. Shyam 337
Business Ethics and Aparigraha Chandra, Subhash 354
11 Ecology
Environmental Protection Singhvi, Sushma 361
Jain ecological ethics Gandhi, Sohan Lal 367
Economy and Ecology in the Perspective of Aparigraha Jansma, Rudi 372
The Speech and Letter of Chief Seattle - a later version Seattle, Chief  376
12 Scientific Section: Use of Energy
Disclaimer 386
If we would have listened to our great Preceptors 387
Intro: A Dire Scenario Jansma, Rudi 391
1 Civilization and Energy 401
2 Energy and Power Supply 408
3 Chemical Non-Renewable Sources 412
4 Renewable Energy Sources 430
5 Nuclear Power – The Friendliest of all? 447
13 Politics and Policy
Sustainability at International Conferences Humar, Jagmohan 463
The East West Meeting for Better and for Worse Meyer, Bernie 469
Government's Initiative in Relation to Aparigraha Jansma, Rudi 477

Title: Beyond Sustainable Economy
Author: Dr. Rudi Jansma, Dr. Sushma Singhvi
Publisher: Prakrit Bharati Academy

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  1. Aagam
  2. Amrit Walia
  3. Anekanta
  4. Aparigraha
  5. Ashok Bapna
  6. Beyond Sustainable Economy
  7. Blavatsky
  8. Business Ethics
  9. Chief Seattle
  10. Christianity
  11. Consciousness
  12. Dharma
  13. Ecology
  14. Geeta
  15. Greed
  16. Guru
  17. Hinduism
  18. Islam
  19. Jain Philosophy
  20. Jainism
  21. Mathur
  22. Misra
  23. Parigraha
  24. Plato
  25. Prasad
  26. Samani
  27. Shailendra Mehta
  28. Shukla
  29. Sikhism
  30. Sneh
  31. Socrates
  32. Surendra Bothara
  33. Sustainability
  34. Sustainable Development
  35. Swami
  36. Swami Vivekananda
  37. Vedic
  38. Vivekananda
  39. Yoga
  40. Zoroastrianism
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