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The Art Of Concentration

Published: 01.10.2008
Updated: 13.11.2008

Deccan Herald

The essential requirement for working efficiency is tolerance. One who cannot tolerate his colleagues and subordinates cannot be an efficient person.

The emotion should not be so uncontrollable that neither can anyone live with you and nor can you live with anyone. Neither can you work with others, nor can anyone else work with you. If emotions are uncontrolled, how can a person execute his work efficiently? Establish such good relations that you can work with others, and others can work with you happily. If this happens, there will not be any problems. The kingdom of emotions is very vast. Let us focus on essential points. The first point is development of the power of tolerance. How much can a man tolerate? A person who tolerates, is an efficient person in the real sense, and only he can take others along with him. Similarly, a person who is intolerant can neither work along with others nor can take others along with him.

While deliberating on the importance of organisation, Acharya Tulsi said, "People imagine the Acharya to be the supreme authority of the organization. It is true but if we view from another perspective, the Acharya has to tolerate far more than any one else. A proficient Acharya is one who possesses competence, love and equanimity. Only that Acharya is considered an adept who has developed tolerance, has tender, affectionate and motherly feelings and is free from bias."

The essential requirement for working efficiency is tolerance. One who cannot tolerate his colleagues and subordinates cannot be an efficient person. Tolerance is an essential requirement for us. In Preksha Meditation Camp, the contemplation to develop tolerance power is practiced. Through contemplation and autosuggestions, we can develop the power of tolerance. Some people naturally have the power to tolerate, but others who do not have this can develop it through practice. It may not be possible to develop tolerance during a ten-day-camp, but with constant practice of contemplation for two to three months, there is a possibility that his tolerance will increase. After six months of practice, his desire to develop tolerance will definitely be fulfilled.

Bhagwan Mahaveer took initiation. Six months prior to his initiation, Prince Vardhaman had been practicing the contemplation of transience. This trait therefore ripened. A person who regularly practices the contemplation of transience will find his infatuation towards the material world falling off and his interest towards asceticism developing.  If proper practice is done, the quality of tolerance grows eventually. A person who has learnt to tolerate is, in the true sense, proficient. A person should know when and what to speak. If the junior worker is in an aggressive mood, it is the duty of the senior to tolerate him. Instead, if he fights back, that simply worsens the situation.

Deccan Herarld
- by the efforts of Mr. Lalit Garg
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