Mahavir Jayanti In Kolkata

Published: 04.05.2005
Updated: 13.02.2008

On the occasion of Mahavir Jayanti Dr. Samani Chaitanya Pragya related the importance of Ahimsa to harmony in the world. She scientifically referred to quantum theory according to which slight movements of any small particle shall have its effect on the whole cosmos. Similarly, the killing of a single living being shall have its effect on the whole ecological system.
Further she emphasized even pollution in terms of Ahinsa: Pollution is nothing but killing of subtle beings, as Jainism believes that life is existing not only in plants, but also in water, air, earth and fire. When these water, air, earth and fire bodied beings are harmed, it results in unfavourable habitat. The outcome of this is an exploitation by man that is chaotic for himself.
Further she related Ahimsa to social structure, society can go on smoothly only when Ahimsa becomes a part of it.
Acharya Mahaprajna says, Ahimsa is not just concerned with the spiritual world, but is equally important in the social world. The smooth running of any society is possible, even if the unwanted violence is curbed. The world is falling due to the problem of violence not related to need, but provoked by emotions like greed, desire and so on.
Thus she concluded that though Lord Mahavira lived more than 2600 years ago, his philosophy is a solution to the big problems we are facing nowadays. It is pure awaking of consciousness, needed for a better future.

Sadhvishree Kanchan Prabhaji highlighted some of the most important contributions of Lord Mahavira. Firstly the concept of becoming Lord Mahavira’s follower to get liberation was denied by Him. His words were crystal clear when he said that liberation is possible by following any religion, the only requisite is to follow the right principles. Lord Mahavira mentioned that there are beings who do not undertake the guidance of any spiritual seer or guru, but do achieve their ultimate goal.

Thus Lord Mahavira’s non-sectarian vision is an antidote to the world’s problems.
Sadhvishree said that people want to name buildings, roads and many other places after Lord Mahavira. This is rather self-satisfying than a result oriented effort. To achieve any positive situation, we have to conquer our inner enemies. This can be understood easily through Acharya Tulsi’s words: “Don’t be the appreciator, but the acceptor of truth. Only this can change the world.”

Sadhvishree Manjurekahji also spoke at the function and highlighted Lord Mahavira’s philosophy by comparing it with modern science.

The programme was organized by the Jain Sabha of Kolkata which represents all Jain sects.

Many dignitaries were present, among them the president of the Jain Sabha, Harakchand Kankaria and the general secretary, Dharmchand Rakhecha. Budhmal Dugar inaugurated the function, Sandip Bhutoria delivered the welcome speech, Vasumati Daga spoke on life of lord Mahavira, Chanchal Mal Bachhawat presided the function. Surendra Choraria and Chandrakant Desai were representing the Terapanth and Gujrati Jain community.

The function was held at Kalamandir.

Our correspondent, Sushil Bafana, from Kolkatta, India
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