Spiritual Reality

Published: 16.12.2011
Updated: 14.12.2012

 In the 3 dimensional world - reality appears devided into 2 aspects:

  1. the material world
  2. the immaterial world

This is the way our brains can handle the phenomena:
Both aspects are

  • complementary,
  • excluding each other as well
  • and each has created it's own scientific models,
    based on research of -
  1. the material world (applied natural science) - external knowledge
  2. the immaterial world (apllied spiritual science) - internal knowledge

Reality in a holistic (full view) can be approached  -

  1. by the material view:
    Projected & examined in 4 dimensional models (Hypercube, Tesseract) where it meets the internal knowledge integrated.
    outside = inside
    up = down
    left = right

  2. by the immaterial view:
    Experienced through deep meditation on the spiritual path and liberation from the conditions of the material body-brain system, which leads to insights of the opposites as well and as a whole.


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