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Published: 25.12.2003
Updated: 24.01.2012
Acarya, Acaryas, Acharyas, Acharyya, Achāryas, Āchārya, Ācārya, Ācāryas, ācāryas, आचार्य
Charya - to move. A-charya - Moving/leading out of the material world.

Preceptor, religious teacher, learned sadhu / muni and master of scriptures.

An Acharya is the highest leader of a Jain order. He is the final authority in his monastic order and has the authority to ordain new monks and nuns. He is also authorized to consecrate new idols, although this authority is sometimes delegated to scholars designated by him.

Some sects, for example the Terapanthi Svetambaras, have a single Acharya. Others have multiple independent Acharyas.

  • Acharyas of Terapanth


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  1. Acharyas of Terapanth
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