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Jaina Sutras

Published: 11.05.2011
Updated: 31.07.2012
Jaina Sūtras

Jaina Sūtras (original title: Gaina Sûtras)

The two-volume edition of Jaina Sūtras, translated by Hermann Jacobi, is part of the 50-volume set Sacred Books of the East (Vol. 22 and 45) and contains:

  • Part I (Sacred Books of the East, Vol. 22):
    • Ācārāṅgasūtra (Prakrit: Āyāṁgasutta)
    • Kalpasūtra (Prakrit: Kappasutta)
  • Part II (Sacred Books of the East, Vol. 45):
    • Uttarādhyayanasūtra (Prakrit: Uttarajjhayaṇasutta)
    • Sūtrakṛtāṅga (Prakrit: Sūyagaḍaṁga)

The writing of the dicritics is unusual in these volumes. This means that italics are used to indicate distinctions between consonants in transliterated Sanskrit and Prakrit. The system used is documented on the charts attached to the Sacred Books of the East page. Most notably in this system, 'j' (roughly, the initial sound of the English word 'jam') is written g, hence the spelling Gain throughout, which is pronounced 'Jain.' In spite of the original title Gaina Sutras this book is normally cited as 'Jaina Sutras' in modern publications and bibliographies.

Max Müller
Hermann Jacob.i (Translator)
Part I: Gaina Sûtras, vol. 1 of 2, translated from the Prâkrit. The Âkârânga sûtra. The Kalpa sûtra (Sacred Books of the East, Vol. 22).
Part II: Gaina Sûtras, vol. 2 of 2, translated from Prâkrit. The Uttarâdhyayana Sûtra, The Sûtrakritânga Sûtra (Sacred Books of the East, Vol. 45).
Oxford University Press
Edition: 1884 (Part I); 1895 (Part II)


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