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Census-2011 ►and JAINS

Published: 10.02.2011
Updated: 30.07.2015

2nd round of National Census - 2011 From Feb 9th to Feb 28th, 2011

Question # 1

Put 'Jain' with your and all your family member's Name

Question # 7

6 Jain

Question # 10

Mother tongue

Question # 11

Apart from Mother Tongue, put any two languages of Jain literature out of Prakrit/Sanskrit/Apbhransh.

Many of you might be aware of the census which happens every 10 years in India. The entire process is carried out as specified and chalked out by the Chief Registrar and the Census Commissioner, New Delhi - 110011 (website: under the aegis of Ministry of Home Affairs. Lakhs of representatives visit areas allotted to them and they visit each and every house in the area to collect the data and based on the information provided they fill up the census form to prepare the proof/Asserted document on Indian Population.

This year census related Second round of work will be done during 9th Feb to 28th Feb. When the representative will be visiting your house, either you or someone from your family will be giving in full correct details of the family and thus contributing not only to thyself and religion but also to the nation. Please go through the below information carefully, as the information provided by you to the representative is very critical.

In the census form under the family detail section, Question/Column no.1 contains the details of the family member's name. Please ensure that you suffix/prefix the name with "Jain", wherever applicable. Similarly, there is another Question/Column no. 7, which is intended to record the religion of each and every member of the family. Hence, the person belonging to a particular faith will answer accordingly to this question and the same will be entered in the Census Form.

For this purpose, the following numerals have been assigned for each and every religion in the form.

1.   Hindu

2.   Muslim

3.   Christian

4.   Sikhism

5.   Buddhism

6.   Jain

All Jains are requested to use Jain along with their names, while responding to Question/Column no.1, wherever applicable.
Also please ensure, that your answer to Question/Column no.7 (designated to record your religion) is "JAIN" i.e. number 6.

Little carelessness on your part or laziness/obstinacies/misunderstanding/malicious intentions on part of the census representative could lead to recording of wrong answer against Question/Column no. 7. If the answer to this question is not correct, suffixing your name with Jain in the answer to Question no. 1 will be of not much use, as far as the statistical analysis related to Jains is concerned. Hence, it is your responsibility to ensure the correct answer to this question before finally signing the census form.

In the same form there are couple of questions namely Question/Column No. 10 and 11, which are intended to record the language proficiency of the member. Question No. 10 records your Mother tongue and Question No. 11 records the other two languages, which an individual has proficiency in. Mother tongue is the one, which an individual has used since childhood to converse with parents. Two other languages which an individual can easily understand, converse should be recorded in Question No.


Generally, we have tendency to write the other language as English (as it is an international language) and some other language, which we learn as part of our interest, our stay in a particular state, or job requirement (e.g. French, German etc.). However, those who know language such as Prakrit, Sanskrit invariably fail to mention their proficiency in these languages. All our shastras to name a few, Shatkhandagam, Panchastikay, Pravachan saar, Niyam saar etc. are scripted in Prakrit/Sanskrit.

Namokar Mantra, Chattari Mangal Dandak, tirthankar stavan, strotra, pujan and many shastrans weather it is Kshat-Khandangam, Panchastikay, Pravachan saar, Niyam saar, Bhagwati Aradhana etc from Digamger sect or Dvadsaang, Upaang, chedhsutra, Prakirnak Sutra etc from Swethamber sect, have been written in Prakrit only. Similarly TatvarthSutra and many tikaas on it, Grammar and many more stotras written in Sanskrit/Apbransh.

This is moral duty of Jains to mention either/all of these languages (Sanskrit, Prakrit, Apbhransh) as the answer to Question No. 11 in the census form to preserve and nurture our culture.

Please pass this information to all your relatives, other jains in the vicinity, and friends, and if possible, also get this information published in Jain weekly/fortnightly news magazines, circulate in temples in the form of pamphlet, so that no one misses to give the correct information. Please ensure that you give all the information correct, as you will get another chance to provide information only after 10 years.

Atul Bafna
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