Intellectual Development

Published: 01.12.2010
Updated: 02.12.2010

Intellectual Development

There are four types of Development:

    1. Physical Development
    2. Mental Development
    3. Intellectual Development
    4. Emotional Development

In today's Scenario Intellectual Development is given the utmost importance. Best of knowledge is gained with high competitive spirit.

The result of Intellectual Development is before us in terms of great professionals taking up various new fields such as Medical, Law, Architecture, Astronomy, Management etc...

Few years back, in our country the more priority was given to the Male-Education. At that time Female Education was totally ignored. But the present Scenario is totally different. At present, females are leading the males in all most all the fields through their Intellectual power.

The younger generation have proved themselves and have been appointed on higher posts and jobs. They have made the nation proud by achieving greater heights both with in and outside India. This is due to their Intellectual power. Intellect is of 2 Types:

    1. Negative Intellect
    2. Positive Intellect.

When the wit is negative, a person thinks negative, speaks negative and acts negative. The negativity rules the action wherein - a father kills his son, wife gives poison to her husband, a son to her mother in law. Such incidences are common issues that arises due to negative intellect. Once a person visited to Acharya Mahapragya. He requested him to recite Mangal Path for him.

Acharya Mahapragya asked him "why"?

He replied that he is not able to bear the problems any more. He had lost hope from life. He was going through a business downturn due to which he had lost respect in the community. They did not know how to pay back the debts. He had not taken care for his children's education and lost even their love. Thus wanted to commit suicide under these pressures. Such are the results of Negative Intellect.

Negative Intellect leads a person to such wrong decision. The problems like violence, crimes, divorce, and women feticide are increasing day by day and have become out of control because of Negative Intellect.

On the Contrary, when the wit is positive, a person thinks right, speaks right and acts right. With the development of positive Intellect, a person ponders over his bright future. He thinks about his family, Society and Country. His positive Intellect leads to good behaviour.

The world famous scientist Albert Einstein, who invented the theory of relativity, used to deliver his lectures in most of the European Countries.

Once while he was going for an important lecture, he fell sick and there was no one else to substitute him. His driver, who used to listen his every lecture, came forward and requested his master Mr. Albert to give him a chance. The Alberts's driver who resembled Albert very much went to deliver the lecture. Every body greated him and honoured for his speech. Not even a single person among the audience recognised him whether, he was the great scientist Mr. Albert or his driver.

At the end, one person among the audience got up and asked him a question related to his lecture. The driver replied immediately, "Oh! Such an easy question?" Even my driver can answer to this question. By the time he called Mr. Albert, who was sitting in the car to answer the question.

This is the miracle of Positive Wit.

In academic field, very little attention is paid to physical development, while mental and emotional development are totally neglected.

The emphasize is given only to the intellectual development. This intellect power is increasing the level of argument among the children.

Once, the parents were going for a movie. The kid too wanted to go with them. So he tried to convince his mother. His mother told, 'You will have to ask your father'.

The child went to his father and insisted him to take him along. His father said, "Only those people go to see the movie who have beard.
You have no beard so you can not go to see movie."

Child had sharp intelligence. He said abruptly, "Father! Mother has no beard but still she is going along with you. Then why are you refusing me?"

Such arguments are the result of intellect developing power where the child does not think to pay respect to his orders. If one has the power of IQ, he should use it in proper way so that the creative work can come forward.

The Intellect Development as well as Emotional Development is necessary to solve one's problems. According to Danial Cyolinen, IQ does not quarter success. One can get job by IQ, Where as EQ can maintain the job. He also says, "If the EQ is increased, one can control his emotions and make good relationship with others."

  • MORE IQ - LESS EQ - Person remains unsuccessful
  • MORE EQ - LESS IQ - Person remains Successful

If a person wants to lead a happy and harmonious life, he should try to keep balance between IQ and EQ.


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