Published: 23.05.2007
Updated: 08.02.2016
Akasasti, Akashastikaya, Akāsāstikāya, Akāśāstikāya, Ākāśāstikāya, ākāśāstikāya
Accommodation, Space, Ether
  • Akasha
one of the six eternal uncreated substance.

A metaphysical reality (substance) which acts as an universal container for all substances; the whole space is one and indivisible; it is non-physical, devoid of consciousness, non-corporeal and ubiquitous (in whole cosmos as well as supra-cosmos).

Extended existence quâ space.
That Dravya (substance), whose Laksana (distinguishing characteristic) is to provide room to all other substances.
Anekanta: Philosophy Of Co-Existence
by Acharya Mahaprajna


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