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Published: 16.06.2008
Updated: 30.12.2012
Samavasaran, Samavasaranas, Samosaran, Samosarana, Samosharana

Celestial Assembly of the Tirthankar

  • Skt. Samavasarana (Pkt. Samosarana) is a Jain term, which refers to the first speech given by a Tirthankar after attaining perfect knowledge, or kevala-jnana. 
  • It also refers to a building where the last speech of a Tirthankara is given.
  • The assembly is termed samosarana because it offers refuge to all living beings equally.
  • The theme of Samavasaranas has been a popular one in Jain art.
    • Samavasarana Painting

    The voice of the Jina after attaining perfect knowledge (kevala-jnāna) is heard by men, women, elephants, lions, cows and other animals who sit in three circular bands below him and hear his transmitted sound in their own language"

    [extract of "Jain Symbols, ceremonies and practices" by Pramoda Chitrabhanu]

The Construction of the Divine Pavilion of Tirthankars

Like many other branches of science the branch of constructing assembly halls has also amply developed. To construct a large auditorium where thousands of people may arrive, be accommodated, may listen to the lectures and peacefully leave, requires a trained mind with engineering skill. For such an arrangement renowned experts display their skill. Still there are incidents of chaos and stampede in such large congregations. Even the police forces get nervous in trying to control such crowds of thousands of people.
Thousands of years ago the divine pavilions were created for the assembly of a Tirthankar where not only millions of human beings but also innumerable gods and animals used to assemble.
In a large pavilion or assembly hall covering an area of one Yojan (4 sq. kosa or 12 sq. km) used to accommodate innumerable gods, humans and animals. They would arrive and sit in the allotted sections, listen to the discourses of the Tirthankar and go back peacefully. There were adequate traffic and parking arrangements for vehicles. The detailed and scientific description of such arrangements available in the ancient scriptures is truly astonishing. It also reveals the highly developed science and intellect during that period. We give brief description of the structure of these divine pavilions of the Tirthankars.

The beholding of a Tirthankar in his divine pavilion, pondering over his discourses, and following his teachings purifies and strengthens the attitude, faith and realization of spiritual pursuits. Sitting in proximity of the Tirthankar, seeing him, listening to his discourse and coming under the influence of his aura and various unique attributes is spiritually inspiring not only for the gods and humans but also for the animals. Men and animals of contrasting attitudes loose their cruelty and mutual animosity, disease, sorrow, afflictions, fear etc. The Tirthankar’s discourse also provides benefits in shape of enhancement of knowledge and science and progress on the path of liberation through stoppage of inflow and acceleration of shedding of Karmas.

Samavasarana Building

Shri 108 Jain Tirthdarshan Bhavan Samavasaran Mahamandir situated on the right as one climbs up the holy Shatrunjaya hill.


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