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Published: 08.06.2010
Updated: 09.06.2010

The Times Of India

The whole world is one; it's a synthesis. Life is possible only through cooperation. All species and sub-species, all that exists, is the result of synthesis, of integration. Disintegration means decay. The order of the universe would get disturbed with division and discord.

The science of environment underlines the importance of union for survival, of the desirability of not interfering with natural processes, of not upsetting nature’s equilibrium, so that there is no confusion.

Greed and exploitation of natural resources has led to pollution, including that of the earth’s atmosphere. The protective layer that scientists call the ozone layer surrounding earth shields us from the ill effects of direct radiation from the sun. The erosion of this protective cover could mean the end of life, if nothing is done to reverse the erosion.

It is therefore essential that we cultivate a constructive approach towards the environment. For the evolution of constructive thinking, it is necessary to purify our consciousness. As it is, our consciousness is battling impurities; it is so identified with things and ideas. It must rid itself of all identification, so as to be capable of fitting in with the other and with society. Violence, untruth, and sense of possession and domination characterising our consciousness now needs to be got rid of. Our consciousness must be cleansed of these impurities; otherwise our approach will continue to be negative and destructive. The first step towards achieving this goal is to transform our outlook from the materialistic to the holistic. By becoming more aware.

This is not an impossible goal; it can be done if an individual can learn to be sober, simple and tolerant; and become more a witness who is aware.

A negative attitude is caused by our materialistic approach that has made us too attached to material things. The moment we attain to the boundless depths of meditation and see things for what they are, we would be able to assess and understand the true value of material objects, and would never aspire to gain domination over them. We would then realise the essential humanity of the other and see the other as being a part of us. Otherwise, every situation will seem problematic; problems keep multiplying without any possibility of a solution. In such a scenario, even religion becomes a problem.

The only way out of this vicious cycle is to become less rigid in our thinking and in the way we feel and act. Get rid of stereotypical conduct that makes us live a life of dejection. We need to be mindful and compassionate.

There are two kinds of insensitivity: Confused vision and thoughtless conduct. A mediator must clearly understand that the first priority is to chastise attitudes by getting rid of ignorance. This would require experimentation and experience. Learn to experience truth. Practice meditation. Mere accumulation of information and even knowledge is not enough. Theory without practice is of little use. But practice combined with theory yields valuable results.

Know the value of the present moment. Gain insight by being a witness, by becoming more aware. May we benefit from this discovery! Whatever hard work we have put in, whatever experience we have acquired, let us capitalize on that and use it to make life worth living. May our hearts be filled with an intense longing for liberation so that we may progress undeterred on the path of awareness and oneness. That is the way to freedom from problems. Therein lies our salvation.

The Times Of India - by the efforts of Mr. Lalit Garg
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