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Preksha Dhyana: Contemplation And Auto-Suggestion: Appendix

Published: 27.01.2010
Updated: 02.07.2015


Acquisition of some virtues which have high moral and human values is very much desirable for personal as well as social health. Exercise of auto-suggestion is an effective means of transmuting undesirable, unsocial negative attitudes to positive ones. Twenty-two such exercises are given here with instructions for using the technique of auto-suggestion which enables one to acquire the virtues.

List of Desirable Virtues




Loyalty (to duty)




Faith in Truth




Freedom from Fanaticism


Human Equality








Balance of Mind


















Universal Amity




Freedom from Lust





Instructions for Exercises in Group A
  1. Sit in a comfortable posture with spine and neck in a straight line, eyes softly closed.
  2. Recite Mahaprana Dhvani for two minutes.
  3. Regulate your breath making it slow, deep and rhythmic. Continue for 5 minutes.
  4. Attain relaxation (kayotsarga) acquiring motionless state of the body.
  5. Focus full-attention on a specified psychic centre (as per label) and recite specified sentences (as per table) first loudly for 4 munutes, then softly for 4 minutes and finally mentally for 4 minutes. Contemplate on the values of the virtue desired to be acquired.
Table for Exercises in Group A
  Name of Virtue to be acquired Psychic Centre Sentence to be recited
1. Loyalty (to one's duty) Centre of Peace (frontal lobe) (a) I will be keenly aware of my duties.
(b) I wil try my best to control factors like anger, greed and fear which may detract me from my duties.
2. Self-reliance  - do— (a) I will remain self-reliant.
(b) I will rely upon my ability to fulfil my necessities.
3. Faith in Truth —do— (a) I will keep full faith in Truth.
(b) I Shall not tell lies and keep myself free from prejudices.
4. Reconciliation  Centre of Intuition  (a) I will try to find reconciliation in apparently conflicting views or events (statements, quilities, actions).
(b) I will develop broad-mindedness.
5. Freedom from Fanaticism Centre of Bliss (a) I will remain free from sectarian fanaticism.
(b) I will develop tolerance for divergent creeds & sects.
6. Human Equality Centre of Purity (a) I will have full faith in 1 (basic) human equality.
(b) I will not designate anybody as high or low on the basis of caste, colour or creed.
7. Co-existence Centre of Bliss (a) I will try to maintain peaceful co-existence.
(b) I will not support destructive or aggres­sive activities.
8. Discernment  Centre of Bliss My body and my soul are separate entities.
Instructions for Exercises in Group B
  1. Same as in A-l.
  2. Same as in A-2.
  3. Same as in A-3.
  4. Visualize that you are surrounded by a specified (as per table) bright colour and with each inhalation you are breathing in air of that colour.
  5. Focus your attention on a specified (as per table) psychic centre and maintain sustained visualization of the specified colour.
  6. Recite prescribed sentences first loudly, nine times and then mentally nine times
  7. Contemplate the moral and human values of the virtue to be acquired by suitable phraseolog.
  8. Terminate the exercise with recitation of Mahaprana Dhvani.

Table for Exercises in Group B

  Name of Virtue to be acquired Psychic Centre Psychic colour (to be visualized) Sentence to be recited
9. Balance of Mind Centreof Intuition Bright Green as that of Emerald (a) My urges and impulses have been brought under my conscious control.
(b) My mental equilibrium is increasing
10. Patience Tip of nose Centre of Vital Energy

Bright Yellow as that of Gold

(a) I shall develop my capacity of endurance.
(b) I shall never surrender to unfavourable circumstances.

11. Honesty Centre of Enlightenment Bright White as that of Full Moon

(a) My Will poser is increasing
(b) My honesty is being enhanced.

12. Compassion Centreof Bliss Bright Pink as that of Fresh Rose (a) My sense of compassion is increasing
(b) My sense of cruelty is being reduced.
13. Non-attachment Centre of Peace Bright Blue Colour as that of Peacock's Neck (a) The virtue of non-attachment is being developed.
(b) My attachment to material possessions is being reduced.
14. Forbearance Centre of Enlightenment Blue Colour as above (a) My forbearance is increasing.
(b) My mental equilibrium is increasing.
15. Gentleness Centre of Peace Bright Green (a) My gentlenes is increasing.
(b) My arrogance is diminishing.
16. Fearlessness Centreof Bliss Pink (a) My fearlessness is increasing.
(b) My instinct of fear is reducing.
17. Self discipline Centre of Peace Bright Yellow (a) My ability for self control is increasing.
(b) My mental agitation is reducing.
18. Universal Amity Forehead White (a) All are my frinds.
(b) I will be friendly to all.
19. Straight forwardness Centre of intuition Rising Sun Red (a) My straight-forwardness is increasing.
(b) My crookedness is decreasing.
20. Freedom from Lust Centre of Celibacy (Tip of tongue) Bright Blue (a) My desires are being brought under selfcontrol.
(b) Selfishness is reducing.
21.  Patriotism Centre of Intuition   (a) I will remain aware of my duty to my Nation.
(b) I will not do anything which may harm my Nation or lower its prestige.
22. Strength Chest region Rising Sun Red (a) My strength is increasing.
(b) My weakness is reducing.
Jain Vishva Bharati
Ladnun-3 41 306 (Rajasthan) Editor: Muni Mahendra Kumar © Jain Vishva Bharati Edition: January, 2009 Printed by:  
S.M. Printers
Uldhanpur, Delhi-32

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