Upasak Mandal Falicitation Programme

Published: 16.11.2009
Updated: 30.07.2015

Upasak Shreni Forming House For Personalities
[Sadhvi Kanakshri]

Sadhvi kanak shri and other sadhvi of her group

In pious presence of Sadhvishri Kanakshriji, a learned disciple of Yugpradhan Acharyashree Mahapragyaji, the Upasak honouring programme concluded which was organized by Terapanthi Sabha, Kolkata. Thirty Eight Upasaks who served the sangh by visiting various places as directed for celebrating and giving discourses on Paryushan Parva Yatra, were honoured.

Upasak presenting songs

Upasak Song written by Shradheya Yuvacharya Shri was sung in chorus by Upasaks & Upasikaas. Detailing the progress and activities of the Upasak Class of the city the senior Upasak of Kolkata Sri Mahaveer Pratap Dugar cordially extended the thanks giving. He accredited Yug Drasta Acharyapravar’s extreme favour and said - “it has helped us avail these special achievements with our own development and we got an opportunity to serve the Sangh.” In the interest of growth and prorogation of Upasak Shreni (class), the untiring effort in encouraging and training given by Sadhvishri Nirvanshriji & Kanakshriji both was described and at the same time felt: We have to grow more under her direction. We practiced to prevail about our soul after joining Upasak Shreni - viewed Upasak Sri Surendra Sethia, Sri Sushil Bafana, Upasika Smt. Veena Shyamsukha, Smt. Rajkumari Jain, deliberating their experiences there at. Along with studiousness capacity of self control has also grown.

Upasika in front line Upasak sushil bafana and other upasak in front line

Upasak Shreni is a dire need of the day - discoursed the learned Sadhvishri Kanakshriji. Blessings of the Yug Drishti of Pujyavars is omnipresent. Terapanth is a brilliant Dharam Sangh - she said. The source of strength of an organisation is its brilliant personalities. Alike the institution of saints, the society of lay followers should also be powerful and brilliant and for this a productive working organ is needed which is the Upasak Shreni. The dream Of Shredhyay Yuvacharyashri becomes true only if there will be many devouts, Sadhak, Tatwik Pracharak (knowledgeable preachers), Sangh Prabhavak register there unique identity. A person does all-in-one multi dimensional growth if he achieves the eligibility of an Upasak. The meaning of becoming Upasak is becoming Sadhak, Aradhak, Tatwik (knowledge of tatwa), Pracharak and Sangh Prabhavak. Counselling increasing capacity after becoming Upasak she said in fact it is home to where personality building of a great shrawak happens.

Sadhvi madhulata

Giving introductions of the new Upasaks primed by impressive discourses of Sadhvishriji - Sadhvi Madhulataji informed of the count that had reached to sixty. Thirty Eight went to Paryushan Yatra of whom Fourteen where Pravakta(Spokesperson) Upasak. Our target is to achieve a century of upashaks in Kolkata. Smt. Alka Sankhla delivered an impressive speech. Sri Karan Singh Nahata, President of Terapanth Sabha gave hearty congratulations to those who spread services to different places on Paryushan Aradhana. Sri Bhanwar Lal Singhi expressed his thoughts on behalf of Mahasabha. Terapanth Sabha, Kolkata and Howrah South honoured Upasaks with presents. Thanks given by Sri Narendra Kumar Manot Secretary of Terapanthi Sabha, Kolkata offered vote of thanks. Upasak Sri Mahal Chand Bhansali ably anchored the function.

Sushil Choraria

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